My mum thinks this looks like a BalloonDuck ( hence the name of this page ) some screenshot files stored here.
( click for larger size images ) PC version border

my version codenamed CryptoGenesis ( just a taste not complete yet .. each flower is a cryptoGenetic code )

What is EuFloria its a great ambient game with chill sound and graphics. You can get it with lots of other games part of Humble Bundle for Android 4 ( make a donation to them on their site ) to use it as a background image for your search engine like Google see here

If you cant do that with your Chrome browser or cant run Chrome on your OS then here
is the alternative :)

Darkify your Google search and other pages with  the Change Colours extension for Chromium ( free Chrome ) note how this page normally has a maroon coloured page but you can change it to black with that extension, and any pages you want by group ( Domain ) or individually.  Note the toolbar at the top this is using High Contrast theme under Ubuntu 10.04