How to disable autorun executing the setup.exe program on Huawei E220 and ( maybe other ) modems when running under windows 7 ( and other versions of windows too, but not tested yet) so caveat emptor.
as doing things to your services may disable your system so be wary. I got rid of Windows 7 on my notebook above but you may find it handy so here is the hack.

Why it is needed? Optus have their own applet that integrates SMS etc into the program so you don't want the built in software that may have come with your Huawei e220 modem but windows may continuously ask you to install it for you  ( you can buy them on Ebay but they are a bit old hat now with 4G being the new thing now etc )

First go to windows explorer on your desktop .... then click on show all files and folders in the view menu ... this should show a directory now called program data.

Now go to the directory called datacard services  you are looking for a service with the same name as that directory file we located just now and we can disable that service in the correct area now in the services applet.
This now tells me that its trying to run a service so i should go to the services applet to disable it there......
sorry about the quick an dirty nature of this help ... its just a stub for now will get pictures later i hope
there is a service called HWDatacard or something like that ( doing this from memory as i don't have a windoze machine handy at the moment ) go to the section it says when to run like Automatic
Go and select Disabled and save your changes.....

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