anti-surveillance state

I recently in September 2014 had a experience with being watched first hand as i visited my friend in Wales in the UK (ha united kingdom ) Scotland was about to depart the union and the vote was on.

So anyway i was in a lovely picturesque seaside town of Porthcawl and i was doing some soul searching as i was just unhappy with the way we were going ..... gone all the way to Wales to visit her and she didn't even bother turning up to visit me :( so anyway i got to long soulful walks along the beaches and local forests on the shore some going for 10 kilometres up the coast  so i went to get some internet at the local pub to do some messaging and a beer asking her like what was up with us .......   anyway every time i was at the pub i noticed a big red van parked in the carpark outside the pub..... then i just forgot about it and started doing my tourist mode thing going for walks .... then i noticed it trying to go into the moors with me ....... hmmm kinda creepy huh?

Ha anyway there is a class action for people to take against GCHQ and those organisations that suppress our freedoms here it is at Privacy International if you want to take action against them for illegal actions and bullshit intimidation tactics. Lets expose these criminal state actors !!!

other tools for obfuscating text in your browser ( only in Linux version of Chrome at the mo may work in Chromium haven't checked that yet )

or obfuscating your pgp public key using windows program i wrote 
or Using TOR for anonymity in your browsing