anonchat leaking platform codenamed ....... ObfusGATOR ( Orbital Fusion Gun Accessing TOR )

The numbers 5 and 23 are put into Diffie-Hellman formula here

program screenshots for key generator key size 90k bit *click for larger image the key is shown in font 4 it is 90k digits long or 90071234567 to the power of 7500

Dictionary NaviGATOR just a simple screen shot it just does dictionary database creation and moves from one page to the next to check for errors. It has simple navigation and saving features and you can view the result in space or comma delimited formats. ( see result in Notepad below )

About screen. Showing a list of primes just for the lulz and GPL message etc. Screenshot from the chat program which isn't available yet just a teaser.

Ok enought bullshit now how do you use it? You have 3 programs so far ( haven't made the decode encode program 100 percent yet just does about 255 characters )
now to create the key just use on the command like obfuskeyDos.exe file name then the  base value of power  and last one is top value of power to create the key. ( the result if successful is the size of the key in digits )

anon chat ideas page and Diffie Helman test.

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