What it is

Changing your beliefs WILL change your life.

We use a holistic process called PSYCH-K®
which stands for psychology-kinesiology. It is a simple, effective and produces lasting psychological change by directly addressing patterns held in the subconscious mind[1]. 

PSYCH-K® combines numerous established “energy psychology” approaches[2] along with breath, body postures and movements that stimulate the nervous system and improve belief integration.

What kinds of things can PSYCH-K® help with?

When your conscious goals and your subconscious beliefs are not in concert, getting what you want can be exhausting and stressful.  PSYCH-K® quickly, easily and effectively shifts  subconscious patterning (beliefs) to align with your conscious goals.

Using PSYCH-K® you can enhance beliefs related to self-esteem, personal power, relationships, health and wellness, grief and loss, and spirituality.

By directly addressing subconscious patterns, PSYCH-K® has also been found to assist healing. Psychologists and doctors accustomed to long healing times for their clients are often startled at how quickly long-standing traumas can be resolved in just a few PSYCH-K® sessions.

Thousands of PSYCH-K® users worldwide report significant results such as:

·      Feeling better about themselves and their outlook on life

·      Less worry and anxiety

·      Happier and closer personal relationships

·      Long-standing bad habits falling away without effort 

·      New behaviors (such as exercise, organization and patience) taking hold easily

·      Greater success with business projects, working relationships and finances

·      Sabotaging thoughts completely disappearing

·      Health improvements such as weight loss and reduction in chronic pain


PSYCH-K® can also be used in a business setting...

PER-K® is a similar process specifically designed to address business needs related to leadership, sales performance, team building, effective communication, stress management, healthy and wellness, and habits of success.


[1] According to Emmanuel Donchin, Director of the Laboratory for Cognitive Psychophysiology at the University of Illinois, “as much as 99% of our thoughts come from below our conscious awareness.”

[2] Educational Kinesiology, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), acupressure, Eriksonian hypnotherapy, and other psycho-spiritual healing systems.