PSYCH-K has helped me to assist everyone from manic depressives, to high-flying investment bankers seeking a mental business edge, professional sports people and young children with learning difficulties.  This is technique that can benefit absolutely everyone and improve their lives, whatever their starting point.  Tom Hawkins, Watford, England www.harmonichealth.net

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Coaches and therapists
- clear your clients' limiting beliefs in minutes
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- fine tune your inner game to win more consistently
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Business people
- achieve your team and individual goals more easily
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What Our Students Are Saying...

I used PSYCH-K with my former wife on a drive in the mountains.  I watched a long-standing phobia of heights she had disappear in minutes!  WOW!  Michael Lanier, Evergreen , CO

 I balanced for being at my idea weight over Christmas.  I lost weight without even trying. Diana Dummer, Evergreen, CO

I’ve battled with depression my whole life.  The changes I’ve made since having balanced with PSYCH-K are phenomenal.  So many people are asking me how I was able to change so radically and of course I tell them.  M.M. Aurora, CO

I am astounded at the amazing success rate of PSYCH-K.  I learned PSYCH-K 3 months ago and the results are still fantastic!  More and more people are coming to me for PSYCH-K and traveling long distances to come see me!   Peter Trott, London, England

I have never participated in a personal growth event that yielded a more dramatic impact.  I could tell a difference in myself immediately and so could others.  I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to improve their life.  Jessie Jenne, St. Johnsbury, VT

PSYCH-K has been incredible.  You have helped me be a braver, happier, me... My therapist remarked only yesterday, I think this door mat has grown legs.  Cereta Lamphere, Vermont

I gained more from your workshop in those three days than any other experience to date.   Jerry Hall, Florida

I’ve never been this calm in my life  Jessica Derksen,  Denver, CO

Working with Elizabeth in the PSYCH-K/ Per-k work has been phenomenally successful for my Nikken team and myself.  People are growing their networks rapidly..  The PSYCH-K techniques have been the very best thing I've discovered to help people obtain great success in life and business. It is quick, easy to do and results oriented.  Julie Tara, Royal Diamond, Nikken 

I must say that I attended the Per-k (PSYCH-K) workshop with high expectations, having heard stories and testimonials about the work.  And still, I was astounded at how much impact this workshop has had on myself and my team!  We saw transformations during the workshop that were amazing, as people shed old beliefs that had been dragging them down for years.  And as a result, we have people in our team that are attracting people into their businesses like never before!  Several team members actually look and act like completely new people since the Per-k (PSYCH-K) workshop.  Whenever we get stuck, we get together and do Per-k.  What a gift!    Peg Desrochers, Nikken Wellness Consultant, Vermont  

I went to therapists for four years and they couldn't do what you did in one day. Danielle R., Cincinnati, OH