Weight Loss

A few months ago I balanced for the belief - I am at my ideal weight!  It's been amazing.  I'm eating what I want and whenever I want (sometimes less - sometimes more). I sailed through the holidays with no dieting and I got to say my hips look great!  No weight gain and it was easy and effortless!  I love PSYCH-K!  Dianna Dummer

I've heard many stories like Dianna's who have used PSYCH-K for weight.  But how about if this weight issue has been around a long time?  I'm sharing weight stories as it is a struggle for many people and not so easy. 

Below is a story about a woman who is 100 to 120 lbs. over weight and had struggled for years to get control.   

The changes she is making in relationship to food is encouraging from only two PSYCH-K sessions.  The first session took place 3 months before this last session that reports of Jans' progress.  So the balances had been holding.  I've edited "Jan's" testimonial (see elipses) so that the testimonial would remain short.

Jan's therapist Anne writes to me the following:

Jan told me that she used food to be her companion.  She reached for food in response to anything and everything.  And, she ate out all the time.  After the first appointment with PSYCH-K balancing for weight issues she said she had stopped eating out as she lost interest in it.  She's very grateful because she hasn't had to "force" or "discipline" herself.  These changes are taking place in a very natural sort of way.  And she doesn't feel deprived either.  Here in her own words is what she noticed after the second session (3 months after her first session).  


Hey Anne -

So the food thing is quite the adventure.  It is definitely sticking.  I am still eating probably about 1/2 of what I was.  And being able to observe what I do  is still very strong.

Here are some of things I have noticed:
  -    When I am eating by myself, I eat just enough to not be hungry anymore.

 -   I actually don't like lots of food (mostly junk) that I thought I did.  And if I don't like it, I actually can't eat it.  I don't know if this makes sense to you but it is quite apparent to me that I used  to eat a lot of things without noticing how they really tasted.

 -   I stop eating when it stops tasting good.  And this is often way before I am full....

-     If I eat too much (because it is still tasting good), I feel horrible. (She notices it!)...

 -   The observation part has also spilled into other parts of my life.  I am much more aware of how my body is feeling at any particular time...  

-    There is a voice inside my head that says when I have had enough.  If I ignore this voice (because something is still tasting good), I will pay for it.  
      Feeling like I ate too much is not a good feeling anymore.

-    My heartburn has almost completely gone away.

-     There are other voices that still criticize ... but counteracting those critical voices is another voice - my own - that is quite gentle and accepting and speaks about still learning how to eat well and not failing but getting feedback and what a great job I am doing and how far I have come...