Why is it that some patients have phenomenal recoveries while others with similar problems fail?  

Bruce Lipton, PhD, cellular biologist and author of the book “The Biology of Belief” has shown though stunning new scientific discoveries, that the process of thought alone causes biochemical changes at a cellular level…changes which can and do effect physical health. 

Belief systems can, in fact, control behavior and gene activity and consequently, the development of healthy (or unhealthy) processes in the physical body.

95% of behavior, and many health processes, are controlled by the subconscious mind. When unhealthy, sabotaging beliefs are shifted to healthy, supportive ones, recovery time can be significantly reduced.  PSYCH-K™ is a powerful mind-body technique that quickly accesses and reprograms beliefs at the subconscious level. The process itself is simple, direct and verifiable.  Changes are remarkably swift and long-lasting.

PSYCH-K™ represents an important step in the New Psychology for the 21st Century. You can learn this powerful process in one weekend and immediately start helping patients and clients release old attitudes and beliefs so they may heal more quickly with fewer complications.  In addition, PSYCH-K™ can be used to improve your own performance and reduce stress in your life. 


What other health professionals are saying:

PSYCH-K is the most powerful process I’ve ever come across for reaching and resolving the core issues behind chronic illnesses.  I’ve used PSYCH-K both personally and professionally and have been significantly impressed with the results it produces on a consistent basis.  Rita Marsh, RN, Carbondale, CO 

PSYCH-K is simple, easy to implement and creates lasting results fast.  Linda Rafford, RN, Denver, CO

I would never had been able to face the violent death of my daughter without the help of PSYCH-K.  The power of PSYCH-K is palpable and has helped me to find peace.  Dana Blount, RN, Crestone, CO

I am an MD trained in Neurology, Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis, Hypnotherapy and now PSYCH-K. I have always had an interest in how to change my thinking and how to help other people change their thinking, to make life more enjoyable. I went into medicine thinking  it had the answers to health but it did not. The same with psychoanalysis. When I discovered PSYCH-K it propelled my personal evolution and I realized that I had to teach this!  PSYCH-K has been hugely helpful to me. I believe that I made more change in my first few months of using PSYCH-K than I did in the 8+ years of psychoanalysis for my training and at a lot less expense!  Romalee Davis MD