Sleep - or rather the lack of it - is such an issue for so many people. Here is a story of someone that I just received who has suffered insomnia since he was a young child.

Dear Elizabeth,

As you know I have suffered many years from chronic, debilitating, insomnia. I've always felt that changing this would be a miracle in my life. Two weeks ago in a single perfect PSYCH-K balance, you helped me neutralize ancient emotions of fear about falling to sleep and replaced them with emotions of safety, warmth and peace.

In those two week since that balance I have slept like a new person, settling happily into my pillow and sliding off into interesting dreams and deeply restorative sleep. That came with only 1 incredibly effective session. I hope to work more with you to deepen and strengthen this amazingly, wonderful change in my life. I am so grateful as I am sleeping restfully at last!

Brian Price, Denver, CO