I believe the scope of PSYCH-K far exceeds the capabilities of EMDR, Neurolinguistic Programming, and standard hypnosis. I am in the early stages of using this technique with clients, especially those that are unable to exhibit significant improvement using the standard therapeutic regimen, and I am already seeing exciting results.  Linda Bowlby, M.D., Oklahoma City, OK

A letter to Elizabeth Powers from a PSYCH-K Basic student:

I was molested at age 5 in a situation involving a large knife and death threats to me and my family if I told anyone about the incident. As fate would have it, I was forced to see this person every day for three years afterward, but couldn't say a word to anyone. The effects as I grew up were devastating. I trusted no one, especially men, and pushed away everyone in my life who had a chance of being close to me. I had constant suicidal thoughts, was totally depressed, and flashbacks and feelings of violation dominated my life completely to the point where I had become tough, numb, jaded, and in disguise, afraid to be seen as a feminine woman or to have my light shine in any way. I was constantly trying to protect myself from a barage of negative sensations that were associated with so many things that they were impossible to avoid. I was blocked off from all my dreams, any chance of receiving love, and most importantly, from myself.

By the time I found Elizabeth, I had tried everything I could get my hands on to heal, but to no avail. I was an avid meditator, having a practice of up to two hours of meditation a day for years. I had been in therapy for years as well, but finally gave up when my therapist told me I would be depressed and having suicidal thoughts for many, many more years, and my only hope was to meditate through it and accept it. I had tried many different esoteric traditions. I read the enneagram, I learned about Chinese medicine, I was an artist; I tried it all and nothing worked. So, when my friend told me about psych-k I was extremely skeptical.

I wanted to avoid the entire thing, but after pressuring from a friend and desperation, I decided to write an email and check into taking the workshop. I described to Elizabeth what had happened to me and asked her if she thought anything could be done. When I wrote to her about psych-k I was frightened and didn't want to get my hopes up again after all the times of being devastated when I realized nothing could be done. I remember bursting into tears and crying harder than I had in years over anything. Elizabeth however, assured me that psych-k had helped so many people - even people who felt that they nothing could help them. She personally did not believe that I had to live this way. I decided to take the class.

I came to Colorado to take the beginning class, all the while terrified that Elizabeth would change her mind tell me again that I was unfixable. In class I did many balances and also spent some private time with Elizabeth balancing for everything from "I love myself" to "I feel comfortable around liquid soap" (one of my many triggers due to the association with the molestation). On the plane ride home I did balances about my dream relationship with someone who would love me more than anything and how I would feel... open, receptive, trusting and without fear of being controlled or abused. I still wasn't sure I could ever feel this way towards another person.

I came home and my mother told me I seemed like a completely different person than the woman she had known, and I felt like one. All the negative thoughts and feelings were so gone that I didn't even remember I had had them, and they were replaced by calm and peace. Not only was I a completely different person: open, glowing, happy, and willing to work with life rather than push it away, my creativity flowing easily and my light shining in everything I did, accepting, peaceful, present, and most happily, gloriously myself, but I'm now in a relationship that has been the safest, most loving, healing thing that has ever happened to me, with someone who loves me more than anything, and I'm not scared anymore. The biggest and most obvious change is my mood on a daily basis. Before I walked around in a constant state of emotional pain so bad that it was physically painful. Now, I'm happy, something I never thought possible. I have my challenges, but I know I can conquer them.

Everything in my life has changed for the better due to Elizabeth and psych-k, but the most important change is that I have faith- something I couldn't even fathom before, and extreme overflowing gratitude.

Thanks Elizabeth! You are so wonderful! And thank you PSYCH-K!