PSYCH-K® and ...

People often ask, "Can PSYCH-K work with people who are not physically present, or with pets?"

Here's a story about working with a horse through a process we call surrogation.  Surrogation allows us to do work on the behalf of another who is usually not physically present. What's great about working with animals is that there is no way that one can say it was the "placebo effect."   

Last February Tom Hawkins flew from England to attend a Basic workshop here in Boulder, CO,  based upon the advisement of someone he respected greatly.  Tom knew practically nothing about PSYCH-K.  He was open -- but guarded.  Tom had just resigned from a long career in the military in England.  Such things as remote healing "surrogation" are just not talked about much in the English military.  

When at the workshop Tom got into a conversation with a student who had taken the Advanced course.   Tom decided that a good test for PSYCH-K would be to do a surrogate balance for his troubled horse.  Toms' horse Brady was quite a handful.  He was noted to be quite rebellious, often kicking the stalls, refusing to get in the trailer and most often being uncooperative with the trainer and Tom.  Tom went into surrogation and they did a Core Belief Balance for his horse on Friday at the course.

When back in England Tom approached the trainer and said very neutrally ..."So how's Brady been?"  The trainer said. "You know it was the strangest thing...last Friday Brady just seemed to calm down.  He has been unusually peaceful and cooperative since that time - can't explain it!"  

Tom feels like he practically owns a different horse.  This convinced Tom that PSYCH-K works.  Consequently, Tom began using PSYCH-K with friends and acquaintances casually and now has a full time practice generated from referrals.  And yes. Tom has been working with animals too.  After he completed the Advanced Training he did a Core Belief balance with another trainer's horse and her horse changed dramatically also.  

So use your creativity and use PSYCH-K anywhere that your life is less than ideal.  If you find this kind of remote healing could be beneficial to you, loved ones, friends or associates...consider the Advanced class.