Law of Attraction

The subconscious mind is immensely powerful and has the power to attract what it is that you desire.   The secret of attraction, however,  is to create a coherent field of attention and intention.

If your subconscious mind doubts your ability to have what you want than you are putting out a conflicting signal to the universe.   This conflict weakens the strength of the signal you can emit.  This is one of the reasons balancing is so critical to attract what you want. 

Balancing resolves the conflict between the desires of the conscious mind (I am wealthy...Prosperity comes easily for me) and the conditioned habitual responses of the subconscious mind ("you can't, you are not good enough, you don't deserve" etc.).  When we believe subconsciously that we can have and deserve what we want the strength of the signal you put the universe is magnified greatly and hence attraction can occur!. 

No better way to illustrate this than by a story from Lorraine Campbell who used this process to get her book published: 

"I attended your basic PSYCH-K course last year.  At the time I did a VAK To The Future about having the first novel i'd written with my sister find a publisher, seeing it in bookshops, hearing people say how good it was etc.  Anyway Arrow (Random House) are publishing it, it is already in the bookstores on a promotional table (much like I'd envisioned) and we are getting quite a bit of press, promotional reviews etc. 

I also did some separate balancing to find an eidtor and publisher, I think including a 'surrogate' balance for the perfect editor who would find the book and love it.  So I'd have to say the VAK and the balances was a big success and I am sure Psych-K played a big part in it."  Lorraine Campbell

Congratulations Lorraine... Check out Lorraine's book  "How to Survive Your Sister!" (blog page)