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Suzanne Finder
Suzanne's passion is working with individuals and groups facilitating "change that works." 

Throughout her successful 25-year corporate sales career Suzanne nurtured a "massive desire" for greater personal fulfillment and peace of mind.  In search of answers, she attended over 100 retreats and seminars with well known teachers and gurus, traveled the globe on pilgrimages, amassed and read a vast library of personal development books, worked with numerous therapists and even became a meditation teacher, all without finding any lasting relief from underlying worry and self-doubt.

In 2007 Suzanne achieved her certification as a Mindful Coach and began working with individual clients.  As a coach she found that many clients wouldn't following through on their commitments, and she didn't have the tools needed to "break through" their sabotaging behaviors.

In 2009, Suzanne took her
Basic Course with Elizabeth Powers.  In the weeks following the class, she realized PSYCH-K® was very, very different from everything else she had learned or experienced.  Much of her own worry and anxiety started to lift.   She found it was the ONLY approach that worked to create lasting change inside of herself that she could do quickly and easily with herself and with her clients.

Today, Suzanne is a Southern California based Advanced
PSYCH-K® facilitator, who loves life and helps clients create lives they love every day. 

Book a session with Suzanne by calling 619-213-3400.  Her office is located in Rancho Santa Fe, California.

Elizabeth Powers, MSW
Elizabeth has dedicated her life to finding and implementing the keys to successful and lasting change.

Her career path started as Licensed Clinical Social Worker, using psychotherapy and eventually NLP to help people change. She then worked for over a decade as a change management consultant in Fortune 500 and 1000 corporations.

Eventually she felt called back to work with people in a more intimate way and found coaching. After graduating from the prestigious CTI coaching school, she searched for a process that could provide quick, easy and lasting change for both herself and her clients, the "something" that was missing from her previous training.

PSYCH-K® proved to be such a powerful and transformative process. Through PSYCH-K®, Elizabeth was able to rewrite her own life-long limiting programming. This gave her the belief and motivation to start using it with clients.

Today, Elizabeth is now only one of twenty-two instructors world-wide teaching both the Basic and Advanced
PSYCH-K® workshops nationally and internationally. In addition to teaching, she enjoys working with individual clients from her home in Boulder, CO.