Finally... The Secret to Creating Lasting Change In Your Life

"The secret to life is Belief. Rather than genes, it is our beliefs that control our lives. PSYCH‐K® is a simple, self‐empowering process to change your beliefs and perceptions that impact your life at a cellular level.”

—Bruce Lipton, Ph.D
Cellular Biologist,
author of Biology of Belief



Effortlessly reprogram your subconscious mind and
eliminate the hidden beliefs sabotaging your success.


Fact 1:  Your life right now is a reflection of what you believe.

Fact 2:  What you actually believe is held in the subconscious mind.

Why changing what you REALLY believe is hard

Trying to CHANGE using knowledge, insight or will power is like wrestling a 800 pound gorilla.  The gorilla being your subconscious mind. 

Our friend the subconscious mind tenaciously holds on to "truths" about who you are and the world you live in.  All of your early programming and your life experience until now is also held in the subconscious mind.

In fact, 95% to 99%* of your thoughts are controlled by your subconscious.  It's also amazingly powerful, processing a million times more than your conscious mind in any given second.

Knowledge, insight and will power are conscious mind approaches, and even though change is possible, it's a long, slow, hard way to go.  

Since the conscious mind contributes less than 5% to your "thought process"  and the subconscious contributes 95% or more... which part do you think will win out when you're trying to change?

No wonder you're frustrated!

Is it even possible to make changes directly to the subconscious mind?


There are dozens of methods, actually, but there is only one as effective as PSYCH-K®.

Even if you've tried just about everything else out there (hypnosis, NLP, EFT, etc.) PSYCH-K® has a high success rate when all other methods fail.  

PSYCH-K® is simple, direct and you see results.  Quickly.  No delving into the whys or wherefores.  No endless repetition of "affirmations."  Just change.  And change that lasts.

Who is using it?  Coaches, therapists, athletes, performers, teachers, business executives, and even MDs.

Why?  Because it works. When your subconscious mind is on board supporting your goals, your life becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy and stops being a struggle.

Here's a brief introduction to PSYCH-K® by it's developer, Rob Williams, M.A.

YouTube Video

What can you expect from using PSYCH-K®?

Increase your self esteem
Discover a deep appreciation and acceptance of yourself.  Improve your confidence.  Become your own best friend.  Create unconditional love for yourself.  Have more fun being you

Improve your relationships
Powerfully shift how you relate to others and how others relate to you.  Express yourself naturally in any situation.  Deepen your relationship with loved ones. 

Maximize your personal power
Increase your willingness to take positive, decisive action in your life.  Allow your visions to become a reality.  Embrace opportunities.  Become more efficient and effective at whatever you do.  Live life more purposely and consciously. 

Enrich your prosperity
Replace old attitudes about money.  Increase your ability to make, save and invest money wisely.  Let go of lack, fear and scarcity.  Embrace prosperity and abundance.

Make peace with any grief or loss
Resolve painful memories and find greater peace and happiness.  

Improve your health and body
Reduce "emotional stress" and program your body /mind for optimal health and vitality.  Change beliefs and behaviors that sabotage diet, fitness and healing. 

Uplift your spirituality
Release subconscious resistance to experiencing your connection with Divinity.  

In virtually any situation -- you can use
PSYCH-K® to create subconscious beliefs that support you and your goals.  No matter what your age or life history.

There are two ways to work with PSYCH-K®.

1.  Take a class from a certified instructor.  Upcoming classes are listed at

Work privately with a skilled facilitator, either in person or over the phone.  To schedule a private session, contact me directly at 619-213-3400 or via email.

PSYCH-K® is here to help you achieve greater success, in your business or your private life, now and for a lifetime!  Don't waste one more day, week, month or year. 

Call me right now to schedule a complimentary consultation to see if
PSYCH-K® is right for you.  619-213-3400.

Yours in Success,

Suzanne Finder
Advanced PSYCH-K® facilitator

1 According to Emmanuel Donchin, Director of the Laboratory for Cognitive Psychophysiology at the University of Illinois, “as much as 99% of our thoughts come from below our conscious awareness."