B&W Auracatures

Auracatures take many forms.  It is entirely dependent on the message or energy of the transmission. The intent of the images also, alters the image structure.  On the originals you'd see an instruction or channeled message written on the page.  If you own an Auractaure drawn for you during a session or at a fair, you would likely see the instruction "Please draw ____________ his/her picture of him/her for him/her."  You would have likely written your name on the line provided.  I innovated this method to screen out other people's energy.  By doing this, the Auracature message is directly related with you.

These Auracaures are simplistic images with powerful messages.  Their characteristic line drape and shape is typical of the Auracature and the movement of my hand.  After more than a thousand Auarcatures have been drawn for my personal collection, I still like the most simple of lines best.  

I hope these find a way to speak to you.
L, S

I look forward to the opportunity
of drawing for you.

May much love and many blessings
find you on this day.
L, S

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