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   What is a Channelled Message?           

A channeled message is one that is written, spoken, sung, chanted, or drawn through me that I allow to be recorded without my interpretation and discernment of the content, editing, or direction.  For an example, I don’t see an image and then draw it by memory.  In full or partial trance, the image and such communicates through me. 

The channel is recorded on the image page or recorded by a scribe.

A message of intent as worded in a way agreed between you and me is written on the top of the sheet before the channeling begins.  A candle is lit in front of me and I begin to draw.  The image draws me into the channel and the process continues.

As the channeling image is being drawn, the words of the channel are revealed.

The information is Universal guidance which may take the path of a riddle.

The interpretation of the channel is for you to interpret since the message is your wisdom.

These are popular among the deeply spiritual who like to hear from their guides, higher selves, the Universe, SOURCE, or other dimensions at various times.

The client can choose who/what to hear from.  However, I reserve the right to not record messages of dark influences.

The channels are not conducted for the means of hurting people, invoking or spreading negativity, or separating from others.

They provide a view and a form of guidance that is often far bigger than a specific reading.

Clients find the message and image to help with personal reflection, discussion prompts, meditation tools and valuable keepsakes since it is drawn and written just for them.

As a personal note, this is the type of session I prefer for myself and my family.  The wisdom and magical nature of the experience has helped us move forward more than words can express.  I am blessed to be chosen as an Oracle and Universal Channel.

Channeled messages can be ordered and channeled from a long distance.  I offer this service during in-person sessions as part of the regular fee.  However, this is a favourite for my long-distance clients.  I channel here and I send you the digital copy of the channeled words and the channeled image by email.  The fee is $60.00 Cdn paid in advance to my PayPal account.

The following photo is what a channel commonly looks like as it is recorded through my hand as, before, after the Auracature image is drawn.

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