Drawing Auracatures

The Psychic Auracature Art Process

How to draw and Auracature - Step 1 Paper Dowsing 

How to draw an Auracature using a feather quill and ink:

Description & Example
The Auracature Process begins well before I receive the instruction to draw/record/give life to an Auracature.

The process ends when the energy correction and maintenance is no longer required. 
This means that they very well could be eternal.
What is it like drawing an Auracature?
It is like sitting in my truck at a railroad crossing waiting for a freight train to pass.

But as the train comes closer, my guides tell me to go and stand beside the track.

When the proverbial train is only yards from where I am standing, they suddenly say
Jump in front of the train, Jump, and so, I jump. 

In front of the proverbial train I go trusting that my guides know what they are doing.

 What purpose do  the Auracatures serve?
Their primary purpose is to move people forward and to welcome a NEW DAY!
Is it exhausting for me to be an Auracature artist.
Every Auracature has the potential to be as exhausting as running a marathon.
It has been noticed that my blood sugars can drop up to 6 mmol/L during a 3 hour session and during times of me seeing angels while connected to an EEG flat lined one of the brainwave markers.

Therefore, I require to practice my channel capabilities. 

It normally takes about 10 minutes for the channel to flow through at the end of a series of sessions, but sometimes it can takes days.

With that said, being submersed in a shower of water, a tub or my lake, restores me very quickly.

 Can the Auracature process be taught?
I was never taught it... It was a gift. At first, I was told by my guides that the Auracature process could not be taught because it is not something one learns but something that one grows conditioned to by training, devotion, obedience, trust, and ethical/moral grounding.

Over the past 2 years, I have been given a method to teach the Auracature process in addition to teaching the language and interpretation.  I will be teaching more course in the near future.  There are 3 levels and an advanced level one can achieve.

Auracatures are not Doodles!
Regularly, I am accused of doodling. Every stroke whether it be seen or unseen carries meaning and a purpose.  Every Auracature is different every time. 

Because you see a web based digitally enhanced image you cannot see that an Auracature has fine delicate lines that over lap, extend, reshape and even redraw the images. 

As the energy patterns are altered, the shape  or the amount of ink changes (sometimes into unrecognizable images in comparison to the original images).
For how long will  Auracatures be drawn by and through me?
They could stop today.  Only those who chose for Auracatures to be present now in our world can know.
However, as long as I am told to draw/record/give life to Auracatures I will do so.  


We have been offered this vehicle, this tool to help bring forth the new world.
We must access it while it remains available.
Auracatures are Drawn for ALL PEOPLE!

Although I am the original Auracature artist, the Auracature process requires many people to achieve its goal.

Step-By-Step Sample Auracature Drawing
The following photos were taken when the spirit/energy has left my hand and the feather was put back into the ceramic feather holder.
When drawing an Auracature, my hand will move and ink will flow.  During that time, I receive visions and words.
When the ink stops flowing from the feather or my hand will not move, I know at that a message 
or concern needs to be resolved or discussed  before another line will be drawn.
These pictures were drawn without recording the message.
They show how every Auracature develops if given enough time.
The first trick to drawing an Auracature is to write a request or an instruction on the page and then trust that all your ritual cleansing prep work and spirit guides are in line and then let the spirit, energy, or client's mind draw the picture.
So in between every picture, a spirit or energy has moved in and out of my hand, feather and body.
A picture like this felt like running a marithon.  I was exhausted at the end of this Auracature but at the same time, I felt more healthy and energized!




The following is a picture of every third step.
The following are immediate steps following the previous step.
Held Down With Rocks & Set Out to Dry