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Welcome: to Sterling Sinclair

Auracature by Sterling

The Art of Visual Healing

with  Sterling Sinclair B.Sc., B.Ed., M.Div., OCT

Tweed, Ontario


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Auracature by Sterling

The Art of Visual Healing

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1 Retriever Ln Madoc

 Centre Hastings,

Psychic Readings & Artwork

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The following workshop at my studio was really fun.

I am planning the October workshop.  It is going to be spiritually enriching as we build relationships with our feathers. 

I will post the date soon. 

I have begun giving presentations 
that include psychic channelling using the Auracature program. 
Contact Kim to inquire further 
and book an event for your group. 

This link is to my blog post concerning the channelled Auracature image and message that was spoken and partially written down.

August, 2017
10 year Anniversary
Of Auracature Creation  

Happy 10th Anniversary of Auracature Art Creation.  During the Night of August 20, 2007
@ 2:34am, my family and I were awakened by a bright red light that flooded our lake house.  The UFO Encounter on the south shore of Moira Lake between Madoc & Tweed Ontario, Canada not only turned the surface of a black granite rock to glass and left 9 burned circles in the field a couple hundred yards from where we slept, it triggered in me, Sterling Sinclair,  an Art Style Later Entitled Auracature Art. I know of 4 others who had similar experiences in other countries between August 18 & 20, 2007.  Each of these encounters triggered an automatic writing-like drawing method in the 5 people (men and women).   Myself and one other, eventually developed a business around the newly inspired art forms. Today August 19, 2017 ends the first 10 year cycle of Auracature and the life we lived with this life altering visual healing language of creation. Today we celebrate the end of the cycle and tonight we celebrate the commencement of the new 10 year cycle.  Over the past 10 years, Auracature has brought forth in me an existence that I only dreamed of before the UFO encounter in 2007.  What will the next ten years bring forth?  One thing that I am told is: "More Miracles."

$120/1st hour

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Workshops and Presentations

Now up and Running

By Appointment

Since my announcement

that I am back to work

many calls for bookings have

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Love, S

Sterling Sinclair

Is the Original Auracature Artist

Description of Service

as Posted on Social Media:

        Psychic Sterling Sinclair offers local & international psychic readings, Auracatures, art, custom tattoo designs, life coach, personality profiles, traditional counseling, intuitive counseling & business consultations specializing in relationships, future direction, spiritual guidance, self awareness & improvement, dating, paranormal, death & dying, grief & loss, life – path & purpose, divorce & marriage, gifts, fears, and careers for adult individuals, couples, groups, home parties, and bridal showers. In -  person & phone / email sessions avail.  This universally minded, intuitively guided, non – religious, non – judgmental, creative service is informal, caring, and LGBTQ friendly. This Quinte Region, inviting, private, park – like waterfront country cottage studio / office is nestled in the woods along Moira Lake. It is conveniently located  30 min. from Belleville & 45 min. from Trenton ( Quinte West ) between Madoc & Tweed, Peterborough & Kingston, as well as Toronto & Ottawa. 

For a more Traditional Counselling Service

please refer to

Sterling Sinclair Counselling


Sterling Sinclair Counselling

Payments by PayPal or E-Transfer 

if Local - Cash Payment is also Accepted 

Please Note:

Psychic/Oracle/Auracature/Spiritline/Spirit-Type/Dousing Information and Services must in no way be 100% relied upon by the client or replace facts held/revealed by the client.  These are entertaining, spiritual, alternative views that rely upon the translations and movements of etheric energy patterns, sensations, mystical thoughts, drawings and aura-related assumptions.  Although you may take the information and images under consideration, please use your own decision making processes to make your life decisions.

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