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                                      Nature Made Man to Make Better Diamonds; It's a Natural

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eXTReMe Tracker & Children's Immortality Rights
eXTReMe Tracker & Children's Immortality   Rights
eXTReMe Tracker & Children's Immortality   Rights
Physical Immortality
Dna created human intent for Survival
as Science is well aware.
Intent is our selection pressure opportunity and We have only to "legislate", Internationally,
Survival aptitude engineering to prove that we value our lives
and those of all children who are currently being created
to die of "Natural Causes" aka INTENT

Diamond Microchips & Synthetic Diamonds: Diamond Semiconductors MicroProcessors Wafers Man Made Cultured
Diamonds Man Made Diamonds, Diamond Wafers, Diamond Substrates
Moore's Law Extention
Wafers MicroChips
Diamond Semiconductors accelerating the age of Physical Immortality Possibili

"CVD makes diamonds of high quality up to one inch across. Advanced Materials & Processes, Jul2005, Vol. 163 Issue 7, p25-25, 1/3p; Abstract: Reports that researchers at the Carnegie Institution in Washington, D.C. have developed a chemical vapor deposition technique for making very large diamonds up to an inch wide of high quality. Comments by Russell Hemley of the institute's Geophysical Laboratory; Comparison with natural diamonds.

"The irregularities are caused because about 1% of the atoms in the lattice weigh more than their neighbours (they have extra neutrons in their nuclei, and are known, technically, as different isotopes). Bonds with a heavy carbon atom at one end vibrate at a different rate from those linking two light atoms, detracting from the perfection of the lattice. Now, a group of South African physicists has worked out how to avoid this imperfection by separating the light from the heavy carbon atoms. This makes it possible to grow diamond crystals that are isotopically pure and will conduct heat 50% more efficiently than their mixed-up cousins."
Taking Over Search with   Immortality
Taking Over Search with Children's Immortality Rights
Taking Over Search with   Immortality
Taking Over Google Search with   Children's Immortality Rights
Taking Over Google Search with Immortality

The ability to design and manufacture smaller, cheaper, and faster semiconductor devices is crucial to sustaining Moore's Law, which states that the number of transistors per a given area doubles roughly every 18 months. Chip designers and manufacturers have sustained Moore's prediction by continually shrinking the size of devices on semiconductor chips. Today's circuit components measure about 65 nanometers (nm) in width, or 65 billionths of a meter. According to the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors, this needs to shrink to 45 nm by 2009, 35 nm by 2012, and 22 nm by 2015.

Fragments from internet source url = http://www.bbc.co.uk/science/horizon/1999/diamonds_script.shtml
The Diamond Makers BBC2 9:30pm Thursday 27th January 2000

"STEPHEN LUSSIER (Marketing Director, De Beers):
There's something magical about diamonds. They've captured the imagination of people for so long I think it's things like, you know, the fact that they are 3 billion years old, the fact that it takes enormous effort to find diamonds in the world, it takes even more enormous effort to get them out. They have this magnificent way of dealing with light that separates them from all the other precious stones. They really are just a miracle of nature.

STEPHEN LUSSIER: The consumer actually wants a piece of forever. That's what a diamond is. It's a promise of forever.

INSERTION BY ROBERT RAY HEDGES: [Google's current top in Physical Immortality] (Oct 2005) Just as Mr Lussier has said "The consumer actually wants a piece of forever." That's what creating Physical Immortality is. It's a promise of ACTUALLY LIVING forever PHYSICALLY.
We need diamond microchips to do it (super computers in every house) and we will create companies that transfer large portions of synthetic diamond sales profits into both Synthetic Diamond Research and Developement and into the Mortality Resolution International Project.

Children will oversee this Imperative once they've been informed over the internet that they have been created to be killed or die.

ApolloDiamond.Com Bryant Lineares CEO
Bryant Linares of Apollo Diamond in Boston, Massachusettes, USA
Carter Clark CEO Gemesis, Very Fast   Growth HTHP Diamonds
Carter Clark of Gemesis.Com in Sarasota, Florida, USA
Apollo Diamond is ramping   up
Pressuring the Diamond Business: ^Link^
DeBeers Fears: Photo
Perfect and the Clearest Strongest Diamonds in the World are coming out of the Woodwork now! [Feb 2004]
CopyRighted Diamond Photo
Pix, White
Pix, Color

MICROPROCESSORS are getting TOO HOT, requiring too much power, and not delivering enough additional performance for it. That's the basic problem. The engine that's driven the microcomputer's incredible rise in capability over the past 30 years, Moore's Law, isn't quite out of steam yet, but some of its offshoots are on the ropes. CPU designers have nearly exhausted their collective bag of tricks to get more performance out of additional transistors on a chip by increasing parallelism at the instruction level. Speculative execution and deep pipelining are by now very standard features, and CPU designs are getting increasingly complex and hard to manage. When Gordon Moore's goose lays a golden egg and the number of transistors possible on a chip doubles, as it is supposed to do every 18 months, taking advantage of the windfall has proven increasingly difficult.

Synthetic Diamonds Heat Spreaders Diamond Microprocessors Diamond CPU'S

Researchers at the Carnegie   Institution's Large Diamond CVD Project Submitted by BJS on Mon, 2005-05-16 13:40

 Before the 1930s, the gems of choice for engagement rings included opals, rubies, and sapphires. But in the 1940s, De Beers--the South African mining firm that controls the majority of the world's diamond supply--introduced "A Diamond Is Forever." Interestingly, diamond based computers will help usher in the Era of Immortality of our bodies. Diamonds may, additionally, be used to finance our own personal forever!

Polycrystalline diamond can be grown by a number of different CVD techniques, including microwave plasma assisted chemical vapour deposition, hot filament deposition, plasma jet deposition and combustion flame deposition.

The success of this campaign turned diamond into the symbol of eternal love and dramatically increased demand for the gems. ref url= http://pubs.acs.org/cen/coverstory/8205/8205diamonds.html Diamond-Microchips.Com, Diamond Substrates, Diamond Microprocessors, Diamond Wafers, Diamond Wafer Evolution Quantum Ethics

Military Applications for Diamond Microchips; AeroSpace Space Applications for Diamond Microchips!
Military planning is not generally placed in Full Public View for National Security Reasoning;
Speculations, however, are welcome right here......Certainly out-computing the "Enemy" is just too obvious....so what amount of budgeting will occur? Hmmm!

Recent observations and interpretations are currently leaning toward a cataytic affect of the presence of a large hydrogen gas population during CVD diamond growth that involves the formation of a carburized layer on the diamond substrate that is converted to diamond by atomic hydrogen.
"30 Torr using hydrogen and methane gases with flow rates of 200 sccm and 1 sccm, respectively. The substrates were heated to 800 degrees C using a tantalum foil as the heating element. The tungsten filament temperature was 2200 degrees C, as measured using a disappearingfilament optical pyrometer" (search for internet source using sentence fragments as search terms[use""])

The influence of bias on gaseous composition and diamond growth in a hot-filament chemical vapour deposition process J B Cui and R C Fang, Department of Physics, Structure Research Laboratory,
University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei 230026,
People's Republic of China Received 7 May 1996
Print publication: Issue 11 (14 November 1996)

In situ optical emission spectroscopy has been used to measure the direct current biased hot-filament diamond deposition processes for gas mixtures of methane, argon and hydrogen. The effects of bias on diamond growth and optical emission were investigated. The increase of bias voltage slightly raises the atomic hydrogen concentration which is estimated by using the Ar (750 nm) line as actinometry. The bias has little influence on hydrocarbon species and electron temperature. The enhancement of diamond nucleation and smoothing of the film surface by positive bias are mainly caused by electron bombardment on the surface of the substrate and growing film rather than on the change of gaseous environment.

Diamond Microchips Diamond MicroProcessor Wafer: Wafers and Substrates, The Future High Temperature Extention of Moore's Law for Super Computing and Our approaching Physical   Immortality Paradigm
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Last Updated January 18TH, 2005

Diamond CPU's: The future High Temperature Extention of Moore's Law   for Super Computing and Physical Immortality
Back 'n '91
Diamond MicroChips: The future High Temperature Extention of Moore's   Law for Super Computing and Physical Immortality
Fancy Diamonds
Paul [Wired Mag] Revered: Man Made Diamonds are Coming;
De Beers has a Sobering Moment
The Future High Temperature Extention of Moore's Law for Super   Computing and Physical Immortality
Moores Law Graph
Diamond   MicroProcessors: The Future High Temperature Extention of Moore's Law for Super Computing and Physical   Immortality
The Future and Its Impact
The Future High Temperature Extention of Moore's Law for Super   Computing and Physical Immortality
Catching Up with Moore's Law
Diamond   Wafers: The Future High Temperature Extention of Moore's Law for Super Computing and Physical   Immortality
Diamond Attributes
Diamond Microchips Diamond microProcessor substrates:The future High Temperature Extention of Moore's Law for Super   computing and Our Physical Immortality Era
Nature and Man are One and INSEPARABLE in Physical Immortality
Intel PHOTO: 1971 model 4004   Microprocessor CPU
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High Temperature Diamond Micro-Processors Extending   Moore's Law
Diamond Microchips,   good to 1000 Degrees F.
Diamond Microchips, good to 1000 Degrees F.
diamond microprocessors and microchips: The Future of Even more evolved Computer based Intention Amplification and   Acceleration
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Disc Drive Capacity Evolution
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Diamond Pictures Wafer Wafers carbonado bort scale.....
The name diamond comes from a Greek word adamas [meaning invincible], and was applied by the Greeks to all hard stones.... such as corundum.