Golden Crystal chronoidal paradigmally relevant interneted intent
                  What part of creating people to die don't you understand? istopdeath
Reply # Children's Immortality Paradigmal
Inquiry Title I Stop Death, links to Eternity
Date 2007-07-05 01:49:42
Inquiry http://kona-rentals.signmyguestbook 7977 isd 0ex http://hawaii-rentals-kona.tripod http://psychics-psychics.tripod http://takingoverhumanmind.tripod to be processed: (Intent) x (intention relevance) x (persistance) x (amount of will applied) x (socialisation strategy) = [Evolution Viability Index] Evolve [I repeat this as it is crucial to clarity] The evolution of survival aptitude is the context and purpose of intent/injtention for the entire 3.58 billion years of mutating high brainvolume dna activity.


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