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Children's Sedona Psychic Readings  Children's Immortality and Internet Education Rights and Opportunities
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Robert Ray Hedges lived in Sedona Arizona for 15 years from July 1, 1991 until mid 2006. He travels to Kona, Hawaii to refresh and access the kahuna

psychic reservoir and also travels to

Nevada City to access the Etheric Psychic Reservoir of that geologic formation. 

In Roberts 15 year Sedona Apprentice

he learned to impart a new paradigm clarity into a few of the major psychics of the region. The response to him was mixed as many people, inclusive of psychics, are pretty set in their beliefs and prejudices. This is normal and to be expected.

In acknowledge of this resistance to new Paradigm Clarity, Robert moved his work on to the internet on Jan 17, 1996 with assistance from Mr. Mitch Obele.  The Sedona Psychic Readings market, during this recent 15 year period, expanded dramatically as did the number of both locals and tourists.  Policing psychics turned out to be very educational and insightful activity for Mr Hedges. While Robert's development of the  Children's Psychic Network centered on Children's Physical Immortality Rights, Children's Internet Education Rights and Interneted Social Implementation Innovation, he was able to experiment with the local youth and discover from them their growing impatience with elders in general and the old paradigm thinking in local schools.

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