Paradigms, by there very naturechange all the rules.                                                         


                             Creating all children to die is not in their best interest!
2. Taking Over Networks: Taking Over Yahoo Msn the Internet, Children's .
Robert Ray Hedges is taking over the internet Taking Over Yahoo... Working together humanity can stop creating children to just to let them die! [, MSN ]
3. The Ultimate Intent: Creating Children's Physical Immortality, ...
... the internet Physical Immortality Mortality Resolution International Childrens Immortalisation Network ... [ ]
4. jesus internet education network for childrens immortality - Google ..
Indigo-Childrens-Immortality<wbr>-and Internet Education Rights. ... MANDATORY PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY: Jesus is Taking Over the Internet, ... [ ]
5. Dakota Fanning: is Allie in Taken, DAKOTA FANNING I am Sam Uptown ...
Indigo Children Children's Immortalisation Network Here ... real education ... physical Immortality Robert Ray Hedges is taking over the internet children's ... [ MSN ]
6. Truth Clarity Immortality and Love For Indigo Children Divine ...
... tripod Physical Immortality kind18.tripod Physical Immortality < indigo.children.tripod Physical Immortality paradigm2000 ... [ ]
... until a baby was born with a heart murmur at a children's ... re-strand our DNA, and otherwise court physical immortality in every ... following selections are drawn from Steve ... [ MSN ]
8. Robert Hedges Taking Over the Internet as Children's Immortalisation .
Robert Ray Hedges Intention taking over the internet as the Children's Immortalisation Network Physical Immortality... [ ]
9. children's Immortality Physical Immortality for Kids
... Taking Over The Human Mind Taking Over Indigo Children's Internet Education ... Love Clarity Purpose Physical Immortality ... Indigo Immortals . Children's Immortalisation Network ... [ MSN ]
10. Robert Ray Hedges is Taking Over the Internet as the Children...
... preserving all children's lives eternal physical life hedges robert ray internet physical immortality ... survival aptitude education ... indigo children children's immortalisation ... [ MSN ]
11. 17nv Taking Over Intent: Children's Immortality Rights, Taking Over ..
... Internet EDUCATION as Mandatory Children 's Physical ... A Physical Immortality Website ... An Indigo Children 's ... internet as the Children 's Immortalisation Network as Mandatory ... [ MSN ]
12. Truth: Dna Infered Objectives: Respect for Life and Children's ...
... istopdeath When the entire human race creates physical immortality together then humanity can stop breeding children to kill them! [ ]
13. istopdeath i.stop.death mysites.html TAKING OVER NETWORKS FOR OUR ...
7. Children's Internet Education and Children's Internet ... 8. Indigo Children Children's Immortalisation Network Indigo Imm... ... International www. istopdeath .com ... [ MSN ]
14. Kid Power: Physical Immortality Taking Over Networks Indigo Children .
In the near future, when it's no longer considered acceptable behavior to create all children to kill them, LIKE WE ALL DO NOW.. [ ]
15. Children Taking Over Interent Education: 20% of Humanity has no ...
Hedges is taking over the internet as the Childrens Immortalisation Network PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY ... the internet PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY stop ... [ ]