Immortality Education 4 Children



The Internet has a new media context potential to break the death habit in many lineages across all cultural boundaries. Because children expand faster with diverse input from multiple sources, our Internet has the potential to fulfill this psychically evolutionary role.

 The price we pay for parental "protection" of children from abuse? is the invisible transference of denial on whatever issues the parents have procrastinated in resolving.


I have heard this attempt at humor "joke" that 'insanity is hereditary, parents get it from their children.'  The simple truth of psychology is that people are breeding before they have maximized their consciousness. Children born into a paradigm boundry opportunity now have a way to protect themselves from the natural aspect of parental denial by gaining clarity from our internet.


Some time back around 2000 A.D. I was intuitively drawn to set up the children's immortalisation network. It is the socialisation aspect of Mortality Resolution International. I appointed myself as interim C.E.O. ! Google Msn Yahoo, and your metasearch engines like dogpile, mamma, and clusty

clearly show the progress being made. Results are volatile as Algorithms evolve Governments and Search Companies argue over censorship styles and priorities.


Below: Results Code for a Clusty Metasearch: [taking over internet education],

done on June 29, 2007.


When we vote, hypothetically we want the best of leadership, but in parenting

there is not vote. We are born into a psychic roulette example of the bell curve on parental aptitude.

  The advent of the Internet is a Disruptive Technology in addition to all it can do for commerce, sports, education, and self expression in this new attempt at a Global Digital Democracy.

                            One problem using Universal Search....  it can muddy results.