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How To Find A Real Psychic And Avoid Scams!

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Through years of experience (and trial and error), I’ve found out how to spot a fake psychic and where to get the absolute best psychic readings at an affordable price. Before I tell you the psychic networks I recommend using, I’m going to give you some tips on how to avoid some of the common scams you may encounter.

Only use psychic networks that have a strict screening process for all their psychics.​

Believe it or not, some companies have a job application form on their web site for anyone that wants to make money becoming a "psychic" for their company.  This leads to many companies having fake readers that have no real ability at all.

Don't trust psychics that ask for additional money during your reading.

Unfortunately, some psychic readers prey on unsuspecting victims by asking for additional money to help remove a family curse, cast a love spell, or for necessary tools such as crystal or medallions to finish your reading.  Don't fall for this trick.  A real psychic shouldn't ask for any money except for the cost of the actual reading itself.

Only use companies that offer a satisfaction guarantee on their psychic readings.

If for some reason you don’t mesh well with your psychic reader or you’re not satisfied with your reading, then you shouldn’t have to pay for it! The service you choose should give you the option of a full refund or a free reading with another psychic.

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