Dream Visitations

Spirit Visitations During Your Dreams

Dreams involve people who are from the living or have since died can visit you during the dream-time. The best way to discern from a living spirit during the dream-time is through energy output.  Spirits of those who are living will out put a vibrating sounds. Comfortable sounds are from those who are loving and good, uncomfortable sounds are from those who have ill intentions.  Deceased spirits do not have sound associated, your more likely to see and feel these deceased spirits.

You may or may not know the person or not, may or may not be purely symbolic. These people come specifically to convey a personal message. This personal message may not be for the dreamer, though. It is common, for example, for person to appear to people who didn't know them very well, and to usually give a message to the dreamer to pass on to the loved ones the deceased left behind. Most often, this message is to let the family they love know that they are happy and to get on with their own lives. Appearances from loved ones that have passed on occur fairly frequently in dreams. These occurrences serve a purpose. For a loved one the dream process gives them finalization with the person that they have left behind. Our minds and bodies are extremely relaxed in sleep and we are more likely to welcome a loved one in this sense than in our waking state. Loved ones wish to help you get over their death and move on and usually dreams will be the first interaction you have with your loved ones.

Last night I had a dream where the spirit of a loved one visited me as a shepherd. He was wearing the funniest ugh boots, which came up right past his knees. My dog that had passed away a few years before was dressed as a sheep by the use of a sheepskin cover over the dog. Tim smiled at me and he looked so radiant in this dream. I instantly knew the dream was telling me mum I am with patch which was our dog and the second meaning of the dream was the lord is my shepherd. 

A symbol in a dream

Sometimes a deceased loved one can become a part of our dreams and will play an active role within the dream. As a deceased love one will know a great deal about you which will also reflect upon your memories of the loved one. Many images will relate to your relationship and associations you had in life with the lost loved one. A loved one can also take on the role of an actor to show you elements portraying to your current or future life situations. Sometimes the message the love one shows may be totally foreign to you and a new part of the loved ones life. For example if your loved one was not religious in life and suddenly shows you dreams symbols of a religious feel then your loved one is giving you insight into there life by symbolising to you there new eternal life and the condition of the loved one. Below I have demonstrated how my loved one showed as aspects that were affecting my current life. This dream occurred a couple of months after the lost of my son and my son wanted to show me how I was conducting my current life.

On another occasion a spirit came to me dressed as a robot and in this dream he was showing me how I was coping with life. This dream occurred not long after his death. This dream told me that I was living life in a rigid way, but he understood. Tim has a tendency to use cartoons or interesting concepts in a dream to get his messages across. He now does this mainly for fun as we both enjoy the interaction.

A visitation is more than a dream.
There is a noticeable difference between a dream and a visitation. The spirit of the loved one appears spontaneously and unexpected. The person’s image may be much brighter than in other dreams that they have appeared to you. It can simply be a face-to-face meeting.

These meetings usually involve an issue that has some relevance between the dreamer and the person who has visited in spirit form. Spirits don’t only come to resolve issues, they may appear just because the opportunity presents itself to say hello and have a bit of a chat. Don’t ever be frightened by their appearance, greet them just as though they were in the flesh. You will definitely know if you have had this type of experience as it leaves an indescribable impact of the dreamer.