A mentalism app for Android OS 2.0 or higher

"It's the best magic app out there!" - Matthew Townsend

Imagine if you offered your phone to a participant, showing them a folder of your personal photos or other documents. They can click on any of the images that take their fancy, while your back is turned or you are otherwise incapable of seeing what they are up to.

They exit the app and lock the phone and, without any funny moves whatsoever, you take the locked phone off them and pocket it. Either you, working solo, or a confederate, can learn the identity of the selection without any further interference with your device. This stealth application is just a normal file browser for those who do not know the secret and how to activate it. Comes with the PDF manual which will explain all.

System requirements:
  • 108 KB free space on SD card or phone memory (the app will ask to be installed on the SD card preferentially, with Android 2.2 OS or higher it can be moved to and from SD.)
  • Android 2.0 OS or higher
  • capable of "installing non-Market apps"
If you do not know how to install non-Market apps on your phone, just Google for your phone model + "install non-market apps"...
 Within 24 hours* of completing your purchase via PayPal or debit or credit card, you will receive a package (APK application and PDF manual) via email.  N.B.: I have had a few issues with Hotmail addresses recently. If your Paypal address is a Hotmail one, please provide an alternative email address for me to send the package to, this ensures that my response gets through, in a timely fashion, and with an attachment.

This application is temporarily unavailable, pending working out some issues with newer devices....

* This is barring extended "out-of-office" times like Christmas, New Year and other holidays. If I am "out-of-office" for any significant time, a message to that effect will be posted to this page, with an estimate of when I expect to be back and fulfilling orders...

Contact me at gerardgrey59@googlemail.com with any queries.

More apps and other effects by me can be found at http://kernow.me