You Never Know Your Luck: The Psychology of Superstition

Northampton Museum and Art Gallery’s exhibition on superstition - Unlucky For Some - 7th April - 20th May, 2007


Forthcoming Talks:

August 2009:

Liberté, légalité, éternité 

September 2009:  

Luck, Psi and Belief in the Paranormal

Altered States, Imagery and Healing



Psi-verts and Psychic Piracy

Brazilian Psi and Altered States Conference: A Review


Paranormal Phenomena and Psychoactive Drugs

Species Connectedness and Psychedelics 

Parapsychology and Psychedelics

Inner Paths to Outer Space

Entheogenic Entity Encounters 

Inducing Near-Death Experiences with Chemicals

Psychonautic Misadventures in Time

Obituary: Duncan Blewett

Tribute: Albert Hofmann 

An Interview

A Preliminary Survey

Paranormal Experiences and Psychoactive Drugs

Paranormal Phenomena and Psychoactive Drugs

Parapsychology: Magic and Science:

A Magical Perspective on Parapsychology

A Parapsychological Perspective on Magic


Recent Talks:

Liberté, légalité, éternité

Death, and the God of a Thousand Eyes

Psychology and Superstition

Pagan Entheogens

Hofmann, LSD & Parapsychopharmacology

The Neurochemistry of Psi

Entoptics: More Than Meets the Eye?

Parapsychology: Science of the Future or the Past? 

Death, and the God of a Thousand Eyes 

Luck as a Euphemism for Psi?

Does Psilocybin Cause Psi? 

Death and the God of a Thousand Eyes 

Death, and the God of a Thousand Eyes

The Neurochemisty of Psi 

Psi may look like luck 

Testing for Precognition

Entheogens: The Religious /Paranormal Bridge

Sacramental Plants and Psi

The Shaman, The Vision and the Brain

Visionary Encounters and Neurochemical Mythology

Psychedelics, Parapsychology and Exceptional Human Experiences

DMT Entities: Deities or Delusion?

Research in Parapsychology: Academic Studies of Magical Phenomena

Superstition, Magic and States of Mind

You Never Know Your Luck: The Psychology of Superstitionrstition

As part of Northampton Museum and Art Gallery’s new exhibition on superstition, “Unlucky for some”, there will be a weekend of talks on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th April, 2007. Native psycho-geographer, occultist and legendary graphic novel writer Alan Moore will discuss “Magical Northampton” on Saturday 14th from 2:00-4:00pm.

University of Northampton parapsychologist David Luke will discuss “The psychology of superstition” on Friday 13th evening 7:00-8:30pm, and again on Saturday 14th from 1:00-2:00pm. Charge: Friday - £3 (inc. refreshments), Saturday - £2. Booking essential please contact Northampton Museum and Art Gallery, Guildhall Road, on 01604 838110, or at The exhibition runs from 7th April - 20th May.

Magical NorthamptonAlan Moore (2-4pm, Saturday 14th April, 2007)

Native psychogeographer, occultist and legendary graphic novel writer Alan Moore was “born in Northampton in 1953 and never left”. Alan will discuss local superstitions, myths and fables recreating the magical landscape of the town and its shire.

You Never Know Your Luck: The psychology of superstition – David Luke

(7-8:30pm, Friday 13th April, and 1-2pm, Saturday 14th April, 2007)

Superstitions are common everywhere yet little understood. David will investigate some of the intellectual cul-de-sacs that have been made to explain this universal cultural phenomenon and examine some recent findings from research in parapsychology. David is a postgraduate researcher in parapsychology at the University of Northampton, which currently houses one of the largest groups of academic parapsychologists anywhere in the world.

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