Sacramental Plants and Psi

10th - 13th July, 2008 - 4th Psi Meeting, Faculdades Integrades Espirita, Curitiba, Brazil 


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Sacramental plants and their role in understanding the possible neurochemistry of psi

Dr. David Luke (guest speaker) 4th Psi Meeting, Faculdades Integrades Espirita, Curitiba, Brazil - 10th - 13th July, 2008

The traditional use of psychoactive plants as sacramentals in spiritual and magical rituals has continued for thousands of years. The use of these sacred substances has long been reported to induce ostensibly paranormal phenomena such as clairvoyance, telepathy and precognition and these plants have been used expressly for these and other psychic effects by indigenous people the world over. If these plants can and do induce genuine psi phenomena, what might be inferred about the neurochemistry of psi from the known chemistry of these plants?

This talk will discuss the evidence for the induction of genuine psi with psychedelic and sacramental substances, particularly in comparison to psi apparently produced without the aid of chemicals. Based on this evaluation an exploration will be made into the likely mode of action of the ostensible psi function of these plants and compounds, be it neurochemical, psychological or otherwise.

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