Pagan Entheogens

Sunday, 10th May, 2009 - ARkadia: Shamanrchic and Eco-Pagan Confernce, Hamstead Heath, London


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Recent Talks:

Liberté, légalité, éternité

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Pagan Entheogens

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Death, and the God of a Thousand Eyes

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Pagan Entheogens

Dr David Luke

Dionysian Underground                                                                       ARKadia: Shamanarchic and Eco-Pagan Conference                               Hamstead Heath, London                                                       6pm-ish, Sunday 10th May, 2009                                                                             

Entheogens are defined as psychoactive substances used in a scramental manner or spiritual context. Shamanism, as a type of paganism, has been using entheogens since antiquity. The pagan use of entheogens historically is also well documented with the use of Soma in the Orient, Hoama in the Middle-East, the solanaceous "witching herbs" in North Africa and Europe, and Kykeon by the Ancient Greeks as part of the Eleusinian Mysteries -  a truly Dionysian beverage no doubt. Modern day entheogens, often having plant origins, sometimes also take a much less organic form, such as synthetic anaesthetics and even synthetic ingredients in cough syrups. Do these appeal to pagans too? What is the relationship between plant entheogens, species connectedness and animism, and how do synthetic drugs fit into this? What limitations do pagans put on natural substances in nature worhip? These questions and more will be pondered over from a supine position in between copious libations, quoffings and toasts to Dionysus.