Obituary: Duncan Blewett

The ways are but two, love and want of love.”


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Obituary: Duncan Blewett

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Pioneering Psychedelic-Parapsychology Researcher Duncan Blewett Dies
On February 24, 2007, Duncan Blewett died at Nanaimo Hospital, British 
Columbia. Dr. Blewett was an athlete, husband, father, PhD from 
University of London, WWII veteran, founding chairman of University of 
Saskatchewan's Department of Psychology, and one of the earliest 
western scientists to study the effects and therapeutic applications of 
psychedelics. Blewett published numerous books, such as: The Handbook
for the use of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide-25: Individual and Group
Procedures and The Frontiers of Being (1959) 

And, along with his psychedelic therapy colleagues in Saskatchewan,
John Smythies (of the Society for Psychical Research), Abram Hoffer, and
Humphrey Osmond he took an active interest in ESP research. Like them
Duncan also published several papers addressing the use of psychedelics
in parapsychological research:

Blewett, D. (1961a). Investigating the psychedelicexperience. In

Anon., Proceedings on Two Conferences on Parapsychology

and Pharmacology (pp. 8-9). New York: Parapsychology


Blewett, D. (1961b). LSD in psychiatric treatment. In Anon.,

Proceedings of Two Conferences on Parapsychology and

Pharmacology (pp. 56-58). New York: Parapsychology


Blewett, D. (1963). Psychedelic drugs in parapsychological

research. International Journal of Parapsychology, 5 (1),


Blewett, D. (1965). ESP and LSD. International Journal of

Parapsychology, 7 (3), 306-311.

Blewett and a team of forward-thinking research psychologists were Recruited to work at the U. of Saskatchewan's Weyburn Hospital by Dr. Humphrey Osmond in the early 1950s, where they conducted a wide variety of patient studies and observations. Osmond, of course, is known for introducing Aldous Huxley to psychedelics (as described in The Doors of Perception) and for coining the term "psychedelic," in addition to his myriad research.Following Duncan’s death, Larry Schor wrote:“Duncan was a trickster, a magician, an alchemist. In his company and under his spell, you could almost witness reality and imagination dancing together on the head of a pin. With Duncan by your side, you were always capable of more. More love. More compassion. More courage. One of his favourite quotes was of the Chinese philosopher Mencius, who said, “The ways are but two, love and want of love.” For Duncan, the only path was love.”

(adapted from MAPS news)

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