Inner Paths to Outer Space

Luke, D. P. (2008). Inner paths to outer space: Journeys to alien worlds through psychedelics and other spiritual technologies by Rick Strassman et al. [book review]. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 22, 564-569.


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I was particularly keen to read this text having read Rick Strassman’s (2001) earlier book, DMT: The spirit molecule, in which he documented his extraordinary medical research administering the potent psychedelic neurochemical, dimethyltryptamine (DMT), to human volunteers. After receiving intravenous injections of DMT, Strassman’s participants reported a range of exceptional phenomena from entity encounters and alien abduction-like experiences to near-death like experiences. The spirit molecule documented the whole experimental process whereby over 60 participants received a combined total of 400 doses of DMT. It concluded with the theory that the near-death experience (NDE) is caused by the action of DMT in the pineal gland, where Strassman speculates it is made because DMT is known to occur naturally in the human body. The book currently under review, Inner paths to outer space, is the natural sequel to that book in that it considers the DMT-induced entity encounters and alien abduction like experiences from Strassman’s research in further depth, particularly in the contexts of quantum physics, science fiction and shamanism, proposing that access to alien worlds in outer space occurs in the inner space of the psyche.

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