Case Histories from the History of Psychiatry

This section includes various case histories that, over the years, I have found of interest. They were previously collected at my site "Case Histories from the History of Psychiatry."
A Pathogenic Secret. Clinical investigation by Galen uncovers the etiology of psychiatric symptoms.
Alzheimer's First Case. An English translation with autopsy findings.
Case Book Notes. Three cases from a nineteenth century casebook, the forerunner of the twentieth century chart.
Post Partum Depression & Melancholia in the eighteenth century
Lypemania. (J.E.D. Esquirol)
Masturbatory Insanity. A case revealing the vulnerability of clinical investigation to cultural bias.. 
Melampus. Ancient ideas about the etiology of madness and the doctor patient relationship.
Possession (Jeanne des Anges). A first person account of the experience of being possessed.
A Magnetic Cure. After Mesmer and before Braid a form of healing known as the Magnetic Cure flourished.
Hypnosis (James Braid). A case from the man who coined the term hypnosis, with instruction on technique.
Descartes Self-analysis. Descartes thoughts on how irrational preferences are created and overcome.
Love Sickness.
Hume's Letter to a Physician. "Applying" for psychiatric treatment, Hume describes years of suffering.
Abram Simmons. A newspaper account of a man kept in a Rhode Island 'dungeon' used by the reformer Dorthea Dix 
Georget's Hypochondria (1820) An alienist gives an account of his own mental illness.  
A Magnetic Cure. The idea of animal magnetism inspired treatments involving an unusual doctor patient relationshiip..
Marie: A Case of Multiple Personality Reported by Pierre Janet
A Case from the York Retreat. The kind of case history that sold the idea of moral treatment.
S. Weir Mitchell's Rest Cure. The somatic treatment satirized in Charlotte Perkins Gilman's "The Yellow Wallpaper"
Philippe Pinel: Case Histories. A number of my translations of case histories from both editions of Pinel's Treatise on Insanity.
General Paresis of the Insane. A common presentation of a type of case that made up 10% of 19th century asylum patients.
Incubus (Johann Weyer)
My Life in Therapy (Daphne Merkin) A New York Times article describing Merkin's 40 years in psychoanalysis.