About Space Giraffe

A game based on the Neon engine, for Xbox Live Arcade and PC. 


 What is Space Giraffe?

Space Giraffe is the working title of a game I am working on for the Xbox Live Arcade and the PC.  It is a (very) abstract shooting game built inside an extended version of the Neon graphics synthesiser.  Although the images you see here may look impossibly abstract, believe me, there is a game in there, and when everything is moving, you can see it and play it.  The game rendering style is unique in that each element of the game can be treated as, and mixed with, any or all of the existing Neon synthesiser modules.

In play, the graphics you see are the output of the synthesiser responding to your controlling motions, event-triggers derived from gameplay, and the audio analysis of whatever music you happen to be playing.

Here are some screen captures from Space Giraffe.  Click on any of them to see a larger image.