About Neon/PC

Neon/PC is many things.

Neon/PC is a tool for creating, displaying and interacting with procedural computer graphics.

Neon/PC can be used as a music visualizer, something like those you have probably already seen in programs such as Winamp and iTunes.  However Neon/PC uses a much more advanced system for generating the graphics, and the results are far more complex and interesting than can be achieved with just a music visualizer.  The graphics engine that drives Neon/PC was originally developed to create the interactive music visualizer that is built-in to the Xbox 360 console.  It has been greatly extended and made more powerful for the PC, and now contains an editing interface allowing users to create and share their own effects.

Neon/PC is more rightly considered a graphics synthesizer.  It operates in a manner similar to a modular audio synthesizer.  Effects are created by plugging modules together, applying waveforms and other control inputs such as audio analysis or joystick controls to the parameters of the modules, and optionally combining the generated graphics with existing pictures or live camera imagery.

Neon/PC effects may be interactive, with up to 4 users controlling an effect in realtime.  This also accords with its designation as a graphics synthesizer, allowing users to use it as a performance instrument.

Like an audio synthesizer, Neon/PC requires no specialist knowledge or use of a programming language in order to be used.  The editing interface is simple to use and invites experimentation and creativity.

These pages document some of my own experiments with Neon/PC with frames captured from Neon/PC effects.