Welcome to RenewCrew Honduras!

Recently created, RenewCrew Honduras is a renewable energy service project coalition within Penn State's NECA (National Electrical Contractor Association) Student Chapter.

Every year, the PSU RenewCrew team travels to Roatán, Honduras over Spring Break to install a solar system to help local communities on the island

In 2009, we successfully completed the installation of a 2.5 kW grid-tied photovoltaic system at the Sandy Bay Alternative School with the help of local NECA electrical contractors.  Our sustainable solar-powered electrical system meets 75% of the school’s needs for clean, reliable power and will help the school save $50,000 over the next 30 years. Because of political tensions in Honduras in Spring 2010, we only had the chance to complete 8 site assessments in early summer with a reduced team of students. Strong of our experiences and connections, the 2011 project will focus on the installation of a grid-tied solar PV system at a community well in Constelation Bight. The objective of the installation is to offset a significant portion of the overhead operation cost of the well.

This innovative Penn State program has proven to be a precursor and template for use by other colleges and universities. 2011 will see the development of two similar projects in Belize (Kansas University Chapter) and Costa Rica (Cal Poly). We seek to encourage and promote more student engagement in this national NECA Student Chapter service learning program: RECA (Renewable Energy Central America). Our success in the past years creates a solid foundation for future projects and will provide the benchmark for international student learning experiences.

Visit the RECA website for more information on the RECA program.

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