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Well, the Work in Progress version anyway. Few little extra touches to add yet, including some “jamming tunes” for the car radio. It’s been fun doing a bit of late night animation bashing again. Obviously some small spoilers about how the game starts out.

On the rest of the game front, I’ve got the Docks street level stuff done and the Stadium NPC’s and storyline mostly sorted out now. I’m closing in on the game’s final chapters now. The open beta is still in the works, it’s looking like it’ll be some time in the second half of June.


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sunday 24'2011
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The Last Stand: Union City – Final Alpha

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Here it is. The 
final Alpha of The Last Stand: Union City. After getting back from my last trip to the US, I have knuckled down and got into the last of the core features for the game. There’s still one or two that need to go in, but as it stands, 98% of the mechanics are done. From here, it’s building out the world and Beta. More on that later, here’s what’s new!

New Features
Companions now fall down when injured and need you to save them.
- You can 
swap weapons with your companion by approaching them and pressing G.
Sprinting. Press and hold Shift.
Stamina system, drains when sprinting, jumping and shoving.
Brightness setting in the options.
Hunger and Sleep affect statistics and skills, indicators to alert you of that.
Human Enemies. There’s a test enemy in the top room of the second building.
Pre-made classes to choose from rather than making a custom class.
- New 
LoadingMenu and Dialog Boxes.
- Death system. Let me know what you think about the penalties.

View the Changelog


So that’s where it’s at. All that’s left as far as major features go is the handling of your Companion in terms of how you gain them and dismissing them. After that, it’s a case of building this city and….

So I’ve been getting a lot of 
questions about BETA and when it’ll happen and how it’ll work. Here’s a rundown of what I’ve got planned.
In the 
coming weeks, I’ll post an application form for the beta. It’ll be a simple / short test to weed out the game testers among you. When the BETA is ready, I’ll email a link out to you all with a web address and a password.

How many people will be in it?

I don’t know, it really depends on the amount of responses I get.

When will it start? 
At this stage, it’s looking like it’ll be 
early next year. Yes, that’s right, I’m not going to make it before my 2010 deadline. I really need to stop announcing release dates.

What will be in it?
I’m guessing it’ll be about half the game. The reason being that I don’t want the whole game out there pre-release. I can get the last half of the game tested privately.

Long time no update. There’s so much new stuff in here, I’ve had to make a changelog to deal with it all. Enjoy this Alpha guys, I’m off to LA tomorrow to hang out (and work) with the rest of the Armor Games guys for a few weeks.

New Features:
- Lock pick mini-game. How hard they are is based heavily on your Security skill, so you need tolevel it up to open those higher security locks. The lockpicking only works on containers at the moment. IT DOES NOT WORK ON DOORS.

- Zombie rushes. These are paced out and look at your characters state in decided the timing of them.

- Grenades. Thrown hand grenades, still need to do a crouched roll on the floor action.

- Streets can have more than one section.

- Mock suburban street example, indoor sections are still the same.

- Two new weapons and some new clothing. They’re in the locked cupboards, so get picking!

- Lots lots more.

You can get the full changelog here.


// ALPHA 0.97


- Changed Compound Bow name
- Clear quest tracks on finishing quest
- Zombie dog A.I fixed
- Disabled shorcut keys on map
- Talking quests finish properly
- Survivor shotgun reloads
- Flashlight no longer clicks on entering room
- Arms reset to bare when removing long sleeve clothes
- Crawlers no longer climb
- Zombies do not spawn in NPC rooms except during rushes
- Explosives no longer do "Infinite" damage
- Fixed chainsaw idle sound problems
- Need to be close to NPC's to talk now
- RPG trigger graphic
- Survivors check range with short range weapons such as chainsaw
- Wait / Sleep now incriments days
- Stopped shotgun reload while game was paused
- Shoving zombies should alert them
- Shoving does a small amount of damage based on strength
- Stopped world interaction while in a struggle


- Explosives now destroy the chance of drops
- Dogs and crawlers now climb boxes
- Lack of sleep now affects Precision and Intellect stats
- Lack of food now affects Strength and Endurance stats
- Grenades
- Zombie Rushes
- Lockpicking
- Multiple streets per section
- New clothing / Weapons
- Zombies lose body parts when a damage threshold is met in one hit (currently 99)

Play &  Download


PLAY - ALPHA V 0.97 - (Second Link)-(left Click and click play if It says oh no you didnt)


If you have a BUG, then you can report it here: Report a Bug. I do read through these when I’m going about bug fixing.

In case you missed it on my twitterz, I also did a quick interview with Casual Girl Gamer this week.

So let me know how you find the Lock Pick mini-game. Did it take you long to figure it out?