Sorsogon City PPO

 Recognizes ALS Achievers

by Cindy Huenda

Region V



            Sorsogon City Parole and Probation Office recognized the achievement of probationers Lino Millena and James Arevalo, members of the Kapamilya TC Family for passing the Accreditation and Equivalency Test for high school level which they took last February 10, 2008 at Sorsogon National High School. Both are high school undergraduates who attended review with the ALS Class facilitated by three mobile teachers of the Alternative Learning System of the Sorsogon City Schools Division, Sorsogon City.


            In a simple ceremony on July 21, 2008, they both beamed with pride wile they received their Certificates for Recognition from Director Allan B. Alcala, Regional Director of PPA-Region V. The two have expressed their desire to grab the two-year college scholarship grant from the Local Government of Sorsogon City. As an expression of gratitude to mobile teachers Roy Labayandoy, Esmeralda Bautista and Alma Frago, Certificates of Commendation were also given to them.


            On October 3, 2008, the two finally received their Completion Certificates for Secondary Level duly signed by DepEd Secretary Jesli Al Lapus in the ALS Completion Rites at Sorsogon East Central School. Individual Examinee Reports show that Millena got a 101 standard score while Arevalo got 98.





Masbate PPO

Launches Organic Farming on the 32nd PPA Anniversary

by Joan Marie Tee

Region V



            The Masbate City and Province Parole and Probation Office started an Organic Farming in the celebration of the PPA Anniversary with the participation of 93 clients together with the VPAs on July 18, 2008 at Barangay, Malinta, Masbate City.


            This activity was realized through the venerable support of City Councilor Enrique Legaspi, the farm owner. This is the start of the project that his family wanted to extend to the clients. All the expenses will be shouldered by his family and clients will be afforded opportunities for attending trainings and seminars about organic farming. He likewise offered some part of the farm as a place where interested clients can build their houses and start a small community within the said farm.


            Moreover, to fully understand the importance of organic farming, Mr. Roberto Espanola, the farm caretaker, imparted his knowledge to the clients that organic farming is a sustainable approach to managing crop production which uses a combination of biological, chemical and cultural strategies in improving soil fertility and in reducing pests and diseases to tolerable levels that minimize economic, health and environmental risks. He also gave information on seed planting material selection, land preparation, soil fertility and moisture management and pest and disease control.


            The clients were taught on how to make compost. Crop rotation was likewise suggested as an important process in organic farming. At present, the clients have already planted variety of leafy vegetables like kangkong and pechay; legumes like string beans, mongo and cowpea; and root crops like gabi and camote. There are also fruit bearing vegetables like tomato, bell pepper and ampalaya.


            Mr. Legaspi is also planning to put up a piggery and other poultry products in the said farm. This project will be beneficial to the clients and their families who do not have a modest knowledge in proper crop growing and are also inexperienced in agricultural land management. The office is looking forward to the success of this venture.




From the Clients’ Chronicles… Stories of Hope


            Being a stranger in a new place and having a shady past because of his involvement in a criminal offense, ALBERTO, a probationer of Sorsogon Province PPO under the supervision of PPO II Adelinda Lagco, claims it was not easy coping with it. But this did not deter him to assert his right when he was chosen, thru the efforts of VPA Jose Eva, to be a recipient of the Core Shelter House Program of the DSWD, Region V in collaboration with the Local Government of Barangay Diamante in the Municipality of Prieto Diaz, Sorsogon.


            He ignored the criticisms he received from his neighbors, instead, he joined the group of other recipients in the construction of the row of houses for six months in the spirit of “bayanihan”. The Barangay Captain of Brgy. Diamante admired his patience and perseverance.


            On October 21, 2008, he was joined by his wife and children as they took the key and the title of the brightly-painted house awarded to his family. He knew that his hard labor and determination did not come in vain especially in seeing the happiness etched in the faces of his wife and children. They now have a house which they can proudly call their own and which can withstand typhoons and life’s problems. With time and continued good relations with his other neighbors, he hopes that their indifference to him will one day be replaced with love and acceptance.


            DENNIS is a fresh graduate of Bachelor of Science in Criminology and he is optimistic to join the PNP force upon passing the Board Examination for Criminology graduates. However, this hope fell into pieces when he got convicted for committing an offense. He was disoriented and disillusioned on how he could go on with his life and pursue his dreams of becoming a public servant.


            Probation has been one of the solutions to his quandary. His attendance in Therapeutic Community and counseling sessions has helped him overcome his insecurities. The staff of Legazpi City PPO, especially his supervisor, PPO II Selma Bahoy, motivated him to participate in barangay and church activities, in the Empowerment and Reaffirmation of Parental Abilities Training (ERPAT) and in livelihood acquisition skills seminars. These programs enhanced his personality and boosted his morale.


            In one of the job fairs in Legazpi City, Dennis risked his best to apply for a work abroad. After having been subjected to series of tests and interviews, luckily, he was hired as an Overseas Contract Worker and Daymond S.A Company in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


            DIGGOY is a probationer of Iriga City PPO under the supervision of PPO Ruth I. Abejero. While undertaking probation supervision, he was quite fortunate to have a very supportive sister who is working abroad and who rummaged around to find an employment for him. His supervision officer’s encouragement and assistance in accomplishing all the pertinent documents he needed made it uncomplicated for him to pursue his goal to redeem his self-confidence and to give his family a more improved economic life. He is now working as a chef in one of the best restaurants in the State of Qatar and in his letter he shares flames of hope to his fellow clients to continue believing in their abilities to improve their life. He writes”


            The probation granted to me has indeed given me a great opportunity and experience to prove something to myself that after several years of struggle with the criminal case filed against me, hope was still within my reach.


            I am so proud to impart to you the experience that I am enjoying at the moment. I am now an OFW employed as chef in a well-known restaurant owned by an Egyptian businessman here in Doha, Qatar. The work is as hard as the jobs in the Philippines but this is another learning and challenge for me working in another place with a different culture. Although it is somehow hard to adjust working with other races, eventually I learned how to properly deal with them. But the most that makes me happy is the consolation that I am now giving my family a chance to live a decent life by giving them regular financial support, an opportunity which I never thought I can still have after those moments of doubts during my monthly court trials.


            I am thankful for the chance and help extended to me by the Parole and Probation Office. May this experience of mine serves as an inspiration to other offenders to not lose hope and instead believe that there is always a chance for personal, spiritual, social, emotional and financial recovery.”





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