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It’s Time to Use Your PSP for Something Other than Gaming!

Okay, so you finally got your hands on a PSP. But now what? How can you put music, video, photos, and more onto your PSP? Too bad Sony doesn't explain that in the Playstation Portable handbook! Alas, I was once in your shoes and I feel your pain. But, here it is! Everything you want to do with your PSP that you can possibly imagine. Hey, you paid a big chunk of change for one, and ya might as well use it to it's fullest extent. From playing flash games on your PSP, to having a PSP version of Windows Vista run on your PSP, has it all! So what are you waiting for, click on some links and check it out!!!

But first, get to know your Playstation Portable a little bit (Click on image to enlarge):

Video of the Day:

Important Notes for PSP Users:

The PSP is compatible with operating systems that can recognize removable storage devices and support USB mass storage devices. Some compatible operating systems are Microsoft Windows XP Home/Professional,Vista,Mac OS X. If your operating system supports removable storage devices, you can see the PSP on your computer when it is connected. When using operating systems that do not come with support for USB mass storage devices, you might need to download additional software or drivers to enable support for these devices. Contact the manufacturer of your computer or operating system for additional assistance.

Many How-To's and guides on require the latest firmware for your PSP in order for your PSP to work properly. So before you get too excited, please do yourself a favor and follow the instructions at the "How to Update your PSP's Firmware" guide. Update your PSP to the latest firmware and than help yourself to whatever how-to's you please! Polls:
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