Psoriasis Treatments

What treatment is good for psoriasis?

"I have psoriasis. anyone know any good home remedies to treat it?"

 Yes I have the solution for your psoriasis diseases! and It's called Psoral. I couldn't believed it myself, but this cream really works, And psoriasis can be cured!

Get rid of psoriasis on you head and legs!
"have psoriasis on my head that cause flakes and on my legs which casues me to scratch at them. Is there something over the counter that will get rid of it?|

"You can go to the pharmacy and ask if they can order cream Psoral  most dont keep it in stock and it takes a day or so to order it* Just keep applying the Psoral a few times a day *it smells like tar but it does work* There are also OTC shampoos that target plaque psoriasis."

 Best treatment for any unusual type of Psoriasis!
"Try Psoral, 200mgs for at least one  week.
It can be found in the brand website - check the fine print on the side of the bottle.
Ask your doctor first, but it has been demonstrated to help all types of Psoriasis"

Deal with severe psoriasis on the scalp!

"My daughter has sever psoriasis only on her scalp. We have tried every over the counter shampoo we can buy. We have also tried a cornmeal and vinegar scrub. Any help?"

Psoriasis Answer:
"Couple of things to try, I use Psoral c ream rubbed into my scalp before I go to bed, keeps it quite under control. The best thing I found when I was younger was baby oil, sounds weird I know but rubbing baby oil into my scalp before I went to bed did work wonders, obviously you'll need to wash hair thoroughly in the morning(maybe even twice). But Again the best psoriasis treatment I used it's Psoral cream! "

 How long will it take for Psoriasis to heal if I apply Psoral Cream?

"Try Psoral Moisturizer; it's available from -- and possibly from your local drugstore or pharmacy, as well. It will help to heal your psoriasis much more effectively. If you have plaque psoriasis, you might want to be seen by a dermatologist for stronger treatments. Good luck!"

Matural and cheap ways to cure psoriasis?
I have been a psoriasis sufferer for many years now and find the creams i use dont really work lomg term so if anyone has any serious and genuine ways which may help i would love to hear from you. Thanks

Psoriasis Cure Answer:
i have a dear friend who is using Psoral treatments right now..
Hair & Scalp- Seborrheic Dermatitis (Severe Dandruff)
Brijette of Bettendorf, Iowa writes us, "My Chiropractor told me to use vinegar on my baby girl's cradle cap. I applied it straight and let it sit for 10 minutes before her bath. I've done this only four times now and her cradle cap is almost gone already!!! Maybe this straight vinegar treatment could work for other scalp problems as well.""