The Polymer Nanomaterial Laboratory(PNML) was established by Prof. Soo-Young Park at Kyungpook National University in year 2002. Since then the PNML shared numerous valuable ideas with scientific community by publishing in the world reputed journals.The PNML took an active part in spreading of the scientific education by giving opportunity to many students around the globe from home country as well as from many other countries.  The Alumni of the PNML presently serving in academic, industry, and other platforms working as professors, supervisorand researchers.

    Presently, The PNML having 10 full time and 4 part time students including Post doctorate fellow, PhDs and Master degree students. 
The students are from different part of the world i.e. Local student (South Korea), Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam and China. The students doing valuable research in the most needed and hot research areas of science.

    Presently the PNML research work are focus on developing of liquid-crystal based bio-sensors, synthesis of living homo polymer, di and tri block co-polymers and studying their behavior by using advance analytical techniques like SAXS, WAXS, SANS and others, Synthesis of graphene (GO and rGO) and their functionalization for various application like drugs and protein delivery, and preparation of CNTs and Graphene composite with other material for value adding purposes.

* Joint University
California Institute Technology (Julie Kornfield lab), 포항가속기 연구소, 하나로 연구소