PvS Mission

Organized skepticism does a service by educating the public to detect and reject unscrupulous practitioners who prey on seekers hoping for contact with departed loved ones, or knowledge of the future, how to find love, etc. Unfortunately some of the organizations and many of the skeptics paint with a broad brush, and include scientific research addressing psi and parapsychology in their spectrum of targets. This would not be a great problem if the skeptics would do their homework and apply the scientific methods they often claim to protect. Typically they do not do so, and the result is too often hand-waving claims and arguments that fail when compared with facts that are readily available. It is tempting to conclude this is deliberate, but it may well be simple ignorance. This collection of links and examples is intended for people who prefer to draw informed conclusions about extraordinary capabilities of consciousness. There are a number of useful websites with articles and further links, and we present also a list of point/counterpoint examples of skepticism gone awry. Any science, especially science at the edges of what we know, needs rigorous and constructive criticism to do its job well. Our effort here is to encourage clear minded, educated critique as a replacement for what looks like ideologically driven pseudo-skepticism. To the extent we succeed, good science can breath a sigh of relief.