Research Proposal Training Workshop

Dates:   May 13-15, 2015
Venue:  Holy Child IT Academy, CBangoy St, Davao City  
Reg fee:  P2,000 for non-members of PSITE and other educators from other discipline, 
               P1,700 for PSITE members
Trainor:  Dr. Genaro V. Japos
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One of the important functions of the Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and the educators is to conduct and disseminate researches.  Research activities widen the educators’ perspectives and knowledge on their subjects of interest and help them equip to become better teachers.

With the present technological advancement, educators’ should not only keep themselves abreast of the development in their fields but should also be catalysts for their advancement by conducting researches and sharing/disseminating their research findings.

To engage in research, one must be knowledgeable on the importance, advantages, benefits, complexities, ethics, and intricacy in research activities.  It also requires skills such as identifying research problems, framing a research question, and discussing the significance of the research to the field of study and to the society.  

About the Resource Speaker/Trainor:

Dr. Genaro V. Japos finished with a Bachelor of Arts in English  (Magna Cum Laude) from the Holy Name University, Tagbilaran City, Bohol and Master of Arts in Educational Management from the Urios College, Butuan City.  He also have five Doctorate degrees namely: Doctor of Management major in Human Resource Management (DHRM) from the University of San Jose Recoletos, Cebu City; Doctor of Education/major in Instructional System and Resource Management from the University of San Jose Recoletos, Cebu City; Doctor in Management from the Liceo de Cagayan University, Cagayan de Oro City and Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Planning and Management from the Mindanao Polytechnic State College, Cagayan de Oro City.

He has more than 20 research papers which were published in referred journals such as Asian Journal of Biodiversity, International Association of Multidisciplinary for Research (IAMURE),  LUMINA, Asian Journal of Health, Asian Journal of Business and Governance, Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers PressJournal of Nature Studies, Liceo Journal Philippine Association of Institutions for Research (PAIR), and Liceo Journal of Higher Education Research.

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