Events for AY2018-19

The major activities of the Philippine Society of IT Educators - Region XI are the holding of the Mindanao Conference for IT Educators (MCITE), Mindanao Conference for IT Students (MCITS) and the Mindanaowide IT Olympiad.

These yearly activities are implemented in collaboration with the Council of Deans in IT Education XI (CDITE XI) and the Commission on Higher Education XI (CHED XI).   Specifically, MCITE and MCITS are aimed to provide both the Mindanao-based IT educators and IT students the opportunity to present their research works, projects and other intellectual works. 

MCITE was implemented because it was noticed that only few from Mindanao could attend the conferences held in Luzon and Visayas. With this observation, PSITE XI and CDITE XI initiated and organized the MCITE and MCITS in 2004 to provide the educators and students a venue to update themselves on the trends and development in IT as well as to showcase their research and other academic works.  The IT Olympiad was also implemented to provide the IT students the opportunity to interact with their fellow IT students through academic competitions such as programming, IT quiz and other relevant activities.

Download the CHED memorandum below to support your request to attend the events from your school administrators. 

13 February 2019 (Wed).  Mindanao Conference for IT Educators (MCITE)
University of Mindanao
AVR, Bolton St, Davao City 
Registration Fee:  P1,000 (PSITE Members), P1,300 (non-PSITE Members) except the presenter

14 February 2019 (Thu).  IT Olympiad 
All events will be at the Holy Cross Davao College except for the Computer Programming.
Registration Fees:  
Computer Programming ----------------------- P1,500 /team (Member), P1,800/team (Non-member).  3 students/team, max of 2 teams/school  
Hackaton  ----------------------------------------- P1,500 /team (Member), P1,800/team (Non-member).  3 students/teaml  
IT Quiz --------------------------------------------- P1,000 /team (Member), P1,300/team (Non-member).  2 students/team
Infomercial ---------------------------------------- P1,000 /student (Member), P1,300/student (Non-member).  Max of 2 students/school

Infographics -------------------------------------- P1,000 /student (Member), P1,300 (Non-member) (max 2 students/school)
Game Apps --------------------------------------- P1,500 /team (Member), P1,800/team (Non-member).  3 students/team
Digital Drawing ---------------------------------- P1,000 /student (Member), P1,300/student (Non-member).  Max 2 students/school
Poster Presentation ----------------------------  P  500 /entry (Member), P800/entry (Non-member)
IT Project Display ------------------------------- P  500 /project (Member), P800/project (Non-member)

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Download the files of guidelines below..  

15 February 2019 (Fri).  Mindanao Conference for IT Students (MCITS)
Holy Cross Davao College Gym 
Sta Ana, Davao City
Registration Fee:  P250/student except the presenter/s

Call for Papers

MCITE and MCITS are now open for submission of papers for presentation in the conference.  Topics for presentation include, but not limited to, the following subject areas: 
  • Algorithmic information theory, Artificial intelligence, Bioinformatics, Computability theory, Computer graphics 
  • Computer networks, Computer system implementation, Computer-aided engineering, Cryptography 
  • Customer relationship management, Digital signal processing, Distributed computing, Document and text processing 
  • Enterprise resource planning, Human Resource Management Systems, Human-computer interaction 
  • Image processing and computer vision, Life and medical sciences, Medical informatics 
  • Pattern recognition 
  • Performance of systems 
  • Robotics 
  • Simulation and Modeling 
  • Speech recognition 
  • Big Data, Machine Learning
  • Symbolic and Algebraic manipulation 
  • Others

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