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Welcome to the Drexel University's Chapter of Psi Chi website!

Psi Chi is the International Honor Society in Psychology, founded in 1929 for the purposes of encouraging, stimulating, and advancing the field of psychology. Membership is open to graduate and undergraduate students who are making the study of psychology one of their major interests and who meet the minimum qualifications. Psi Chi is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies and is an affiliate of the American Psychological Association and the American Psychological Society. 

Psi Chi functions as a federation of chapters at more than 875 senior colleges and universities in the United States and abroad. The national office is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. A National Council, composed of psychologists who are Psi Chi members elected by  chapters, guide the affairs of the organization and set policies with the approval of chapters.

Psi Chi serves two major goals:

  • to provide academic recognition to its inductees by the mere fact of membership
  • to encourage the growth of psychology through members' participation in psychology-related activities
Chapters attempt to nourish and stimulate professional growth through programs designed to augment classroom activities. The intent is to provide practical experience and fellowship through affiliation with the chapter. In addition, the national organization provides programs to help achieve these goals, including annual national and regional conventions held in conjunction with psychological associations, research award competitions, and certificate recognition programs. The Society also publishes a quarterly magazine, Eye on Psi Chi, which helps to unite the members as well as to inform and recognize their contributions and accomplishments.

The aims of Psi Chi are summarized in two Greek words: Psyche, suggesting "mind" or scholarship, symbolizes enrichment of the mind; Chi, meaning "hands," symbolizes fellowship and research.

Currently enrolled Drexel students can become members by joining the chapter at Drexel University. The chapter is operated by elected student officers and a faculty advisor, Dr. Ludo Scheffer. Together they select and induct members and carry out the goals of the Society. All inductees are registered through the national office, where the membership records are preserved for reference purposes. The total number of memberships preserved at the national office during the first 66 years is over 187,000. Many of these members have gone on to achieve distinguished careers in psychology.

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