Online counseling


 For advice and remote consultations please send me an email ( to schedule an appointment.

Issues that can be addressed

-          Support when taking important decisions

-          Guidance to bring order back to personal, family and work matters (Bert Hellinger´s Love´s Orders)

-          Support during crisis and critical moments

-          Questions related to living life as a couple and/or parenting

-          Guidance to find peace in difficult times

Summing up, all the situations that take us out of balance and that require occasional support and orientation.


What happens during a remote session?

We´ll make an appointment through email or phone. Then we´ll connect through Skype for a video-conference (Skype is free and you can download it in less than 5 minutes Our session will last for 50 to 70 minutes. In some situations, I might guide you through visualizations or certain movements that will require:


·         A private and tranquil space where you can talk and, perhaps, move comfortably.

·         Quiet all phones or any source of noise or interruptions.

·         A sofa or comfortable seat.

·         Prior to our session test your internet connection, microphone and speakers or earphones; so that you don´t miss any of valuable session’s time.

·         Place your screen in such a way that you can see it and listen comfortably.

·         Have tissues on hand (they might be necessary).


When finalizing you may be assigned tasks or exercises to be performed in the following days;; some cases might require to meet again for a follow-up. In that case we´ll follow the same steps to generate an appointment.


Shall you not have access to the necessary equipment (computer with Skype, internet, etc.) We can have a phone session.  In this situation I´ll require you to previously send a picture of yourself trough email with your full name. I´ll send you the number to which you can call. Please consider the expenses of the call will run on you.


Payment: prior to our appointment I´ll email you an account to which you can send the charge for the consultation. Please scan and email back your deposit slip. PayPal is also available to make the charge.