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Google Transliteration IME - A great tool to convert English to a local language

Google is up again with a super-cool application called Google Transliteration. Sounds new isn’t it? Yes! Now you can transliterate (Rewrite a script in a different language) your text. For instance, type in English a Hindi word (Pranaam) and see it re-written in Hindi as प्रणाम. Currently, Google Transliteration app can convert English to 22 different languages!

 It has a neat interface where in you can choose the language of your choice from the drop down at the top left corner of the window. Select your preferred font and font size and start typing. As and when you finish typing a word and press SPACE, you will see your phonetic text in English being converted into the language you selected!

This app has amazing features like Dictionary, Insert Unicode characters and other formatting, Background settings options, indenting options available in a WordPad. There is also an option to switch from right to left editing. This option is useful for writing scripts in languages in Arabic, Urdu and Persian.

Google Dictionary
Click on this option to translate an English word in to a preferred language. It also lists the synonyms of the same word as options. You can include any in the list based on the context.

Insert Unicode Characters
This is an advanced editing setting incorporated in the Google Transliteration app. While typing scripts, if you do not find a word you want, you can click on the icon. It will display all the available letters in your language. Just pick the letters, frame a word, and insert it into the text.

Mix English with your local language
Sometimes while typing text you may want to insert an English word amidst your local language text. Just press Ctrl+G on your keyboard, and key in the word in English. Again press Ctrl+G to continue writing in your local language.

This feature is available in most of the Google products like Gmail, Blogger, Orkut, bookmarklet etc.,
You can also download the Free Google Transliteration IME to work offline, without connecting on to internet.