Welcome to PS3 Detectives!

About the Detectives:

The PS3 Detectives are a group of PS3 users who are interested in solving some of the mysteries of the PS3 with a main focus on PlayStation Home.

Everyone is invited to become a PS3 Detective! The more people we have working to crack these cases, the better.

The main purpose of this Web "Front" is to inform everyone of who we are and what we do. It also allows you to easily see what mysteries we are currently working on and a chronological update of the clues.

We are a new community, but anticipate much growth.

A Little History:

PS3 Detectives was originally founded for the sole purpose of solving the Xi Mystery in PlayStation Home.

Then one day we were having a Staff discussion. We thought, why not continue to grow on this concept and continue to develop this community to solve other PS3 Mysteries as well?

We hope that everyone understands that we are a NEW community and will make mistakes... Please PM a Staff member or me personally in the PS3 Detectives Forums and we will do everything possible to fix any issue you may have.

We are still developing everything and hope that this site will one day soon get a huge makeover and become a little more professional looking. If you have any ideas for new features or need help with anything, please feel free to post in the "Talk to the Staff" Forum, or PM me personally.

Also, anyone interested in becoming Staff for the site (no pay, sorry...) should PM me as well.

For those who don't know, my SN is SWds03.

You will notice that this site has gone through a little reconstruction and you will notice more changes to come.

Please Investigate!

Did you find something strange in the world of PS3??

Please swing by the forums and let us know so we can investigate!

Our First Mystery: Case Closed


I would like to welcome everyone to our first mystery here at PS3 Detectives.

There is a link to the left titled "Xi Mystery Events and Clues Time-line". Everything that has happened in Xi to date is on this page. I will keep it updated as frequently as possible with the help of my wonderful staff.

Everyone is encouraged to head over to the forums at forums.ps3detectives.com where our main focus is currently the Xi Mystery.

To find out more about what happened, check out the archives at the forums.


Just wanted to point out that I am not trying to take credit for the information and work that everyone has put into this!!!