I am a researcher interested in theoretical neuroscience,  machine learning,  cognitive psychology and psychiatry (among many other things). 

Most recently I was a post-doctoral researcher working with Angela Yu in the Cognitive Science department at the University of California, San Diego.

Before that, I was at  the University of Washington as a graduate student and post-doctoral scholar working with Rajesh Rao, and affiliated with the Neural Systems Laboratory. I received a Phd in Computer Science (2008) for my dissertation titled Brain-Computer Interfaces for Control and Computation. 

I taught the winter 2012 course on Natural Computation at UCSD, and co-managed the Spring 2006 course on Brain-Computer Interfaces at the University of Washington. I also worked on Human-aided Computing in collaboration with Desney Tan at Microsoft Research, and on the Brain-Controlled Humanoid Robot at UW, with Rajesh Rao.

For more details, please see my CV, publications, and my Google Scholar entry.
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