This is a provisional list subject to receipt of Acceptance Letter from those listed 


CONGRATULATIONS to the following Faculty who have been selected for the PSG-FAIMER Regional Institute 2008-2010:


  1. AMOL Dongre , Maharashtra

  2.  ANIMESH Jain, Karnataka
  3. SUNDARAKUMAR Sundarajan, Tamilnadu

  4. SHITAL Bhandary , Nepal

  5. ASHWINI Appaji,  Karnataka

  6. ANTHONY David,  , Andhra Pradesh

  7. KOMALADEVI S. Damodar, Karnataka

  8. NIRMALA Thangavelu,  Tamilnadu

  9. BARANITHARAN Ramamoorthy, Tamilnadu

  10. PADMAVATHY  Kathamuthu , Malaysia

  11. MUHAMMAD Gopalakrishnan Tamilnadu

  12. FEROZE Kaliyadan,  Kerala

  13. SATISH Sylvester, Tamilnadu

  14. MANGALA CHARANA Das, Andhra Pradesh

  15. CHITRA Nagaraj, Karnataka

  16. LOGESHWARI Selvaraj, Tamilnadu 

Please note that the PSG-FAIMER Regional Institute is a 2 year Fellowship program and its successful completion by you needs the following requirements:


  1. Attend the first on-site session at Coimbatore from 16th–21st April 2008,
  2. Complete the educational project-work in your home institution and participate actively in the mentor-learner on-line discussions via internet on topics related to education leadership and research,
  3. Attend the second on-site session at Coimbatore for 4 days in April 2009 and present the poster on your project-work,
  4. Participate actively as mentor in on-line discussions for the incoming batch of fellows, guiding them as well as learning through experience sharing.

Your selection is subject to receipt of your acceptance letter which is downloadable here . Send the same by e-mail or Fax before 14th March 2008 otherwise the Fellowship will be offered to the next in the waiting list.