(Use this to write your Project SUMMARY)

Once you have written a description of your innovative curriculum project, it helps to summarize it as per the Project Summary Template so that it becomes clearer to you and easier for the reviewer of the projects. It also serves the same purpose as an "Abstract" does (puts all essential elements in a nutshell) in a scientific paper. 

During your first session at the Institute, this summary will make it easy to be reviewed by your peers and Faculty so as to make your project plan ready to be implemented in your home institution.

Use the link to download the Template, print it for reference and replace the content therein with your own so that it is ready to print and send. Sample filled in templates are also included for your reference so that you can understand the guidelines given to fill in your Project Summary Template.

The filled-in matter in the sample templates may sound unfamiliar or daunting. Relax! they are the result of a lot of "fine-tuning" and "chiselling" they underwent during the Institute. You just have to write your ideas in words you understand or are familiar with. Just go ahead and try... it would surprise you about your own capacity once you write it down. We assure you it will look even better once you undergo the "process" of the Regional Institute in the company of experienced national & international medical educators who have themselves undergone similar experiences and succeeded in implementing a curricular change project.